Friday, August 17, 2012

My Current Travel Apps

Every traveler who owns a smartphone MUST have travel apps in order to make their trip easier! Lucky me, I got a new phone that can entertain tons of traveling apps that I will surely need for my upcoming trips.

1. TripIt - Basically this is the ultimate trip organizer, thanks to Trish, who introduced me to this wonderful application! From flight details, hotels, directions, activities, etc. you name it! 

As you can see, my "What's Next" is the incoming trip I have which I called "Long Weekend Trip" and under 
"Trips" it shows I have 4 upcoming trips.

It also has a countdown per trip from today, isn't that nice making it feel so loooong but then you realize "Oh shit, I have a trip in 3 weeks and I'm not even ready yet!" 

So let's see what I have for my "Long Weekend Trip"

Oh yes, I did blur some important parts for safety reasons. Everything is there even to the day you depart, just scroll down and everything is there!

and the awesome map. It can also map out your itinerary, but for this trip I don't have one because I'll just go with the flow and do some yolo-ing.

2. Share-A-Bill is an application that helps you split the bill with your friends. If you're all lazy to do the calculations then this is app will surely help you. 

3. HostelWorld - one of my favorite hostel booking & searching websites. Fast and reliable! It includes photos, reviews, rates and a favorite button to save the hostels you like. Of course, you can book and see past bookings. 

4. TripAdvisor - It's as same as HostelWorld but it has reviews, photos, etc. on restaurants, malls, tourist spots, etc.

5. Frommer's Travel Tools - who doesn't know Frommer? Famous from those informative travel books and of course the movie, Euro Trip (2004).

EVERYTHING you need. Boom! Converter is a must have, it works even if you are not connected to the internet but make sure you go out, go to a wifi area and update rates. What I like about the tip calculator, it does not only calculate but it has information about tipping in some countries. 

6. CouchSurfing - a must have app of every couchsurfers who are on the go.

Don't forget: Skype, Twitter, Facebook to stay in touch with family, friends and new found friends!

And of course, my Lonely Planet travel books are my buddies whenever I travel! 

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