Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pray: Jakarta, Indonesia Part I

I’ve dedicated this trip as a spiritual healing process. I have been exposed with stressful and troublesome atmosphere for the past months in a city I call home. For just even 9 days, I wanted something different. That’s all I asked for.

I started my trip with a 3 hour delay in Manila since they were fixing their system radar. It was very annoying because I have been waiting in the airport since 8pm. I kept my cool and luckily, I’ve already started learning the art of patience. The trip to Jakarta was about 3-4 hours, I think. As I arrived the airport at 5am (or 4:30), I got a Blue Bird taxi, which is what the people in Jakarta trust and use. Make sure, the meter is on all the time.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to my host’s place as he lives in the South of Jakarta and I don’t think the driver knew exactly where the street is located. Though, I was very positive that I would be getting on the couch anytime soon to catch some sleep. I was welcomed by a compound of beautiful flats surrounded by refreshing plants with a cool air breeze.  I got in the apartment and crashed into this really cozy bed.

I was hosted by Ben along with his girlfriend, Sikha. On my first morning in Jakarta, I woke up and they were both gone for work. It was quiet, cold and relaxing, just what I needed. I got up to get myself water, took a shower and started my day. I started to look for a place to get WiFi to be able to send my mom a message, since I wasn’t sure if she received my message from my Indonesiam sim card.

I walked straight into the road not knowing where I will end up to and saw a small cafĂ© next to a beauty salon with a sign that says “Free WiFi”. This must be my lucky day. I got in and an Indonesian man greeted me with a smile. First thing I said was, “Sorry, no Bahasa” (Hahahaha! I’ve used this line throughout my whole trip) I ordered an iced lychee tea and did some browsing. I also planned what I’d do for the day and that decision ended up visiting Kota – north of Jakarta.

I got a cab (big mistake) and the trip took about 40 minutes – horrible traffic. We took some kind of expressway and had to pay about RP3,000 (cheap) for toll. I got in there and paid about RP100,000 (expensive for a person coming from Manila) still not aware how the commuting system works. I forgave myself as this was my first day.

According to my Lonely Planet guide book, Kota is an old town of Batavia and was “once the hub of Dutch colonial Indonesia. The historical buildings are pretty much old, a bit destroyed and some were still preserved.

The first building I went to was Museum Wayang, which is a puppet museum. A nice man who made some of those puppets along with his family gave me a nice background about it. They have heaps of puppets from Indonesia along with a few collections from France, Thailand, India, Cambodia and many more. He even told me that he went to the Philippines and friend of his has promised him that he will be given some Philippine puppets. I took my time there and have encountered with a man who advised me to try dating an Indonesian boy, haha. Two Indonesian girls were also very friendly and started a conversation with me.  The friendliness of these people made me feel at home.

I walked around the square, which was buzzed with locals and youngsters bicycling around. There were some tourists as this was the low season in Indonesia. I tried to look for the Museum Sejarah Jakarta (Jakarta History Museum) but didn’t manage to find it. I walked more a bit and on the sidewalk I saw a man selling football club stickers, and there I found out Indonesians are huge fans of football. I got myself a Real Madrid sticker. Yay.

Inside TransJakarta bus

I walked more and decided to visit the Monas next. It is located in the Central Jakarta and this time I did not want to take a cab. I was advised by the people around to take the train so I went to the train station. When I got there, I asked which stop to go to, but then they told me to take TransJakarta instead as it was going to stop exactly where Monas is located.  I went around again to go to TransJakarta, and incredibly, this bus system was actually pretty nice. 

Sadly, I missed my stop. Hahaha damn it. However, while I was inside the bus two youngsters were tying to take a photo of me when I dozed off for a bit, and when I opened my eyes they saw me and put their phones down. They looked guilty and embarrassed. Lol.

I went down on the last stop, which was Blok M, and went around the malls there. The mall I went to reminded me of some malls in Divisoria, it was okay. After that I took like a trycicle, which is called Bajaj. And no it is not Ojek, ojek is a motorcycle transportation.

I got home and to finally see my host (since he was asleep when I arrived) and had a very fun conversation. We went out too eat my first local Indonesian meal – Chicken Sate in a small eatery they call, Warung (I think).

The meal was extremely good. The eatery was operated by an old man along with his young helpers, and let me just say it again, it was freaking good. A plate has several sticks of chicken marinated with awesome sauce along with a choice of normal rice or sticky rice.

Chicken sate with sticky rice

After the meal, I got ready for the night to meet Ethenia to watch some fashion shows in Senayan City where Jakarta Fashion Week was held. Ben explained to me that a “city” in Jakarta meant an area with several condominiums with a mall and other things.

I went inside the Senayan mall and wow it was really nice. It reminded me a lot of SM Aura in Manila, the elevator and floor structure was pretty much the same. They both also have similar stores, and surprisingly, the Balenciaga store there sells clothes! I’m not sure if the one in Greenbelt sells them too. I finally met up with Ethenia and headed to the tent. When we got there, the current show was for invites only.  So we just headed to the show inside the mall that presented working clothes designed by young students. Yes, working clothes. Lol. It was actually a competition judged by a designer and two notable people. After that, Ethenia’s friend, Bidari, came and all went to a restaurant to get some dinner. I was still full from the meal I had earlier, so I just decided to get water instead.  The three of us had a great time and they also told me about their trip to the Philippines as well. We all concluded that the Indonesian and Filipino cultures are pretty much alike despite the religion differences.

Later that night, I went back home to change into my clubbing clothes to meet another nice girl named Elda who have invited me to a club called Fables for a pre-Halloween party. She picked me up with her friends in their Jaguar car, which was pretty sweet. We arrived the club and there was pretty long line, luckily Elda’s other beautiful friend, Natasha, have connections and got us in just like that. The club was filled with high-school students from locals to international students. We got a table and Natasha got all of us some drinks, such a real generous girl. We danced, drank and just enjoyed the night. Until I gave up, since I’ve been up the whole day and was really exhausted. I gave Elda a big hug, said all my thanks for a wonderful evening, and went home.

To be continued.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


My family and friends consider me as a lucky girl due to past events that occurred in my life. I always win at contests online that give out really awesome prizes! I have won YSL Tribute pumps, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, a spa session in The Spa, meeting Mario Maurer and this time, I have won a luxurious spa treatment in the extravagant Fairmont Makati. Many many thanks to my forever love, Ms. Joyce Ramirez of Publicity Asia, Fairmont Makati and Willow Stream - I have spent the first day of September with a blast!

"Willow Stream Spa are acclaimed around the world for our focus on finding innovative ways to help guests discover their own energy. Energy makes the difference between living and living well; recharging our energy allows us to flow, rather than fight, through life. That is why energy renewal is our mission."

Lobby of Willow Stream Spa in Fairmont Makati

I drove my car to the hotel, got a valet and entered the hotel with a breeze. I was escorted by a nice lady to the elevator and even brought me up to the floor where the spa is located. I got in there just on time for my session and was welcomed by friendly supervisors who was expecting my arrival. 

"Be amongst the first to experience Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Makati, your sanctuary within the city, where you can slow down, catch your breath, find your energy and be revitaliszed. 

Our sprawling spa looks out over the bustling city from the 4th floor, situated in the heart of the hotel complex, and located next to our unique outdoor pool. Every element of your spa experience - from the spacious wet relaxation area to the well appointed treatment rooms  will remind you to take time to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Begin your energy journey in our unparalleled facilities: relax with friends in our Great Room, take a deep, healing breath in our eucalyptus steam room, or get a rosy glow in our spacious gym and stretching area overlooking Makati Avenue. Enjoy an energizing treatment in one our luxurious treatment rooms. And, finally, treat yourself to an invigorating swim in one of the finest outdoor pools in Makati."

View of the pool from the spa

After filling out a form, I was brought to the lockers to change in to my robe and slippers and to also secure my belongings inside a locker. Then I waited for a couple of minutes and my therapist finally came. 

I was given a 60 minute Relaxation massage and to tell you - it was amazing. You know why? Because I fell asleep. I have already enough bad experience with other spas and most of them my mind & body is never satisfied to fall asleep, so I assume that if I drift away into my dreams then it's a good massage. My therapist's hands were soft and that is just the magic touch that I need after a hectic August. 

Inside my treatment room

The Willow Stream Spa is an adult sanctuary so you have to be 18 years or older to be able to use their facilities. 

For reservations or to discuss suitable experience you can call +63 2 555 9777 ext 6822

Hours of operation: Spa Facility 10:00AM - 11:00PM ; Fitness Centre 24 hours and Reservation line 8:00AM - 11:00PM

When booking, please inform them for any health conditions, also please be sober for the day since consuming alcohol before, during or directly after spa is prohibited

 The way to the jacuzzi 

Female comfort room

Dry lounge

They offer Harney & Sons tea! Wowzaaa

Vanity room


Facial Treatment:

Deep Cleansing Facial (60 mins) P2,600
Age Repair Facial (90mins) P4,200
Customized Face Treatment for Men (60mins/90mins) P2,600/3,900

Massage Experiences:

Relaxation (60mins/90mins) P2,600/3,900
Stress Relief Massage (60mins/90mins) P2,800/4,200
Deep Tissue/Muscle Release (60mins/90mins) P3,400/4,500
Nurturing Massage (60mins) P2,800
Traditional Hilot Foot and Body Massage (90mins) P4,200
Stone Massage (60mins) P3,000

Experience For Two:

Side-bySide-Relaxation Massage (60mins/90mins) P5,200/7,800

I highly recommend the Willow Stream Spa in Fairmont Makati for it it's impeccable facilities and sensational services! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It's so fucking hot. It's almost 8 in the morning and here am I writing on my useless blog feeling useless. I woke up about 3:40 this morning and I'm not even sure why. First thing comes to my mind - 'fuck.' The next thing was - 'Is it 3am? Did a spirit wake me up?' I was a bit scared to check the time, but then to see it was already 3:40 I was relieved. Then I went back to my first thought of the day, 'Why am I awake?' I looked up at the air conditioning to see the temperature was down to 23 degrees , which was too hot for me. 'Maybe my body felt it was too hot for me to sleep' I thought, 'Let me put the temperature up.' I got the remote of my air conditioning and put it up to 19 and after a few minutes I felt the cooler air taking over my entire room.

I went back to my bed soft white bed that smelled like lavender and my own scent, closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. Fail. I didn't get back to sleep. I was hungry and wide awake. It seemed like I was already asleep for so long when I slept about 11:50 last night after a long day of school and work. 'What the fuck is going on', I thought again. I opened my laptop, browsed for a bit and continued the unfinished episode of Shameless season 1 episode something-whatever. As soon as I finished the episode, I put my laptop to sleep again while I got my phone to check some messages and browsed some new applications from the App store.

I was aiming to find a really good camera or photo editing application, but they were just blergh.  I put down my phone and tried to sleep again. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply enough and relaxed every muscle, bone, vein, etc. of my body. All of a sudden, I felt a sting or some kind of crawling like inside my stomach. I was hungry. Oh god.

Lol the end.

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Tom Day day.

Music heals me. It sounds cliche but it really does, and at the same time it controls my mood, actions and way of thinking. For some odd reason, I felt like listening to ambient music and stumbled upon a very great artist called Tom Day. I am having mixed emotions, I don't know if I am feeling hopeful, or feel like crying. I just can't distinguish between the two and it's kind of frustrating.

I feel like doing something beautiful, like get on a bus, hop on a boat and go to an island and enjoy the gloomy weather and feel alive. The city is defying me, and it is eating me alive slowly than usual.

July is about to end soon and a new month is about to unfold. I'm sure new people will be coming into my life, parties to go to, adventures to happen and so on. Though I should be excited, I feel like it is too overwhelming that I am living my life so fast.

Imagining myself in a city where it is all grey and black. It's raining, and there I am standing in the middle of everyone walking pass by. As I space out, I imagine your face, your sweet delicate face with that annoyingly cute smile of yours. You standing out from the crowd, looking at me with such happiness. As I tear up not believing that you're actually there, then in a moment you smile at me once more, turn back and walk away.

Am I letting my life slip away so easily? or is it just the music talking?

Don't get me wrong, but I do seriously love my life. I am grateful to have a life like this. I have amazing people around me. It's just that sometimes, it is never enough. It will never be enough for all of us. We will never be content, we're going to want something more. That's just life. You can't have it all.

People say that you have to live the present - and what do I do? I have to freaking memorise some poem, buy some materials for homework, teach English to my students and spend time watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episodes. Can be depressing huh? But this the path that I chose, I made it happen to me.

Now I am getting annoyed by the fact that I am frustrating myself. I need to get to the shower, and start my day. Fuck the weather, fuck Mondays, fuck errands.

Thank you Tom Day.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I should have more tops like these.
I should stop craving for fast food.
I should stop drinking soda.
I should have more inner peace.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Resort 2014 Looks

Theysken's Theory 

Roberto Cavalli 

Rachel Zoe

Alexander McQueen

Alexander Wang

Elie Saab

Paul & Joe


Stella McCartney


Zac Posen

Basically, these are my top favorite looks for Resort 2014. I am totally inspired to go shopping, or even just design my own garments. How about you? What are your favorite looks?