Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It's so fucking hot. It's almost 8 in the morning and here am I writing on my useless blog feeling useless. I woke up about 3:40 this morning and I'm not even sure why. First thing comes to my mind - 'fuck.' The next thing was - 'Is it 3am? Did a spirit wake me up?' I was a bit scared to check the time, but then to see it was already 3:40 I was relieved. Then I went back to my first thought of the day, 'Why am I awake?' I looked up at the air conditioning to see the temperature was down to 23 degrees , which was too hot for me. 'Maybe my body felt it was too hot for me to sleep' I thought, 'Let me put the temperature up.' I got the remote of my air conditioning and put it up to 19 and after a few minutes I felt the cooler air taking over my entire room.

I went back to my bed soft white bed that smelled like lavender and my own scent, closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. Fail. I didn't get back to sleep. I was hungry and wide awake. It seemed like I was already asleep for so long when I slept about 11:50 last night after a long day of school and work. 'What the fuck is going on', I thought again. I opened my laptop, browsed for a bit and continued the unfinished episode of Shameless season 1 episode something-whatever. As soon as I finished the episode, I put my laptop to sleep again while I got my phone to check some messages and browsed some new applications from the App store.

I was aiming to find a really good camera or photo editing application, but they were just blergh.  I put down my phone and tried to sleep again. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply enough and relaxed every muscle, bone, vein, etc. of my body. All of a sudden, I felt a sting or some kind of crawling like inside my stomach. I was hungry. Oh god.

Lol the end.

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