Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh, Pearls

So what have I been up to for these past two nights? Well I've been "sketching" or okay fine, making designs that I got inspired from this pearls competition. So I decided to make dresses that emphasizes the pearls! First thing I thought about it, very Gabbie Sarenas, don't you think? I miss her!

Anyway, I am not a blessed artist. Can't believe I didn't get it from my father, who by the way is an AMAZING artist. So, don't judge and I am just going to take up my first Fashion Illustration class this term! Excited!

Okay, this this dress was the first one I did. Mhm, looking ugly on paper but looked amazing in my mind and probably if its created in real! That weird rectangle thing in the middle is supposed to be a zipper. And those lines next to it are thick garters sewn on the dress for design. A bit inspired from my Topshop vest.

Not very finished dress that I did. I love the huge ribbon made out of pearls on the back and has this long fabric that will go along with it. Kinda the trail of a wedding dress. 

Hehe made cute feminine short dresses. I really like that off shoulder dress on the left. I'd totally wear that! 

Front & Back

Belt made out of pearls 

Front & Back

There you go! My very first time to show some of my designs on my blog, don't worry my illustrations will improve soon enough! I don't even know if I should enter the contest because my drawings aren't that good. Huhuhuhu. And these are all RTW by the way.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Penshoppe Unleashes Thai Invasion With Mario Maurer

MANILA, Philippines – Leading Philippine fashion brand PENSHOPPE carries on its campaign to cross the international style threshold, and at the same time, to cater to its younger market, as it welcomes its new face, MARIO MAURER—one of Thailand’s hottest stars among his generation.

Maurer steps in as Penshoppe’s latest presentor, as recently confirmed by the line’s brand director Alex Mendoza. The 22-year-old actor and model takes off from the brand's international campaign, which was earlier led this year by British actor Ed Westwick of the popular series Gossip Girl.

"Mario will not only make Penshoppe a bigger fashion name across the borders. He will also help grow the market in the local and Southeast Asian region, especially knowing that he has a gained wide following among the younger set," Mendoza said on selecting the Thai star.

“Mario is fresh, appealing and very influential. He represents the exciting new changes happening to the brand now,” he added.

Maurer, known for his strikingly boyish good looks, and cool, young, free-spirited style, has proved much of himself in the regional entertainment industry. Aside from gracing magazine covers, he has shown sensational acting skills by top-billing films year after year.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Michael van der Ham: RTW S/S 2012

Hey ya'll! It tis London's RTW S/S 2012 fashion week and I've been checking out lately and discovered this young designer, Michael van der Ham. When I saw his name I automatically guessed that he is Dutch, and lately (since I met my boyfriend) I've been very curious about the Dutch fashion. There are not a lot of Dutch designers that are internationally known, and I think they are quite growing just like Filipino designers who are slowly getting known outside the country.

Michael van der Ham is a 24 year old Dutch designer who moved to London to work for Sophia Kokosalaki and Alexander Mcqueen. After that, he took MA at Central St. Martins, an art univeristy, and his career just boomed!

I think his direction will be a bit same as mine, maybe after a few years of studying in SoFa, I will move to the Netherlands, get a MA where Iris van Herpen and Viktor & Rolf studied then get an internship under a certain designer. For me, I think it will work best for me if I get trained first by professional designers before I start on my own.

Back to van der Ham, his collection is a bit on the conservative edge yet playful with the collaboration of the fabrics, patterns and colors that he used. He is known for mix and matching different  fabrics to create something "different" inspired from the dresses that was designed by Andy Warhol for an exhibition.

Here are some of the outfits that really caught my eye 
Image source:

Monday, September 19, 2011

SIGNATURE STYLE: Launches Revlon Professional's MARRAKECH Collection In Manila

Signature Style, the exclusive distributor of Revlon Professional in the Philippines, introduces Revlon Professional’s Marrakech Collection. This is a new product line that captures the style, independence and modernity of today’s iconic woman. Formed by a mix of creativity, current and expertise, the versatile styles of the Marrakech Collection is sure to become the look on the street all over the world.

Revlon Professional’s rationale, “beauty is not exclusive, it needs the work of a good professional,” motivates its artistic team to relentlessly continue study and evolve by creating beauty for all women. Through the Marrakech Collection, Revlon Professional reveals the beauty of every woman by paying homage to the real, urban woman the woman who has the world at her feet.

The city of Marrakech, the independent, urban, on-the-go, trendy woman, earth tones, are the main inspirational elements of this new line.

Far-removed from the taboos and clichés, Marrakech is also a civilization that reinvents itself and puts emphasis on its future rather than living in the past. These values were fundamental in the creativity of the new collection by the Revlon Professional brand.

The icon of inspiration is the woman on the go, who has little time and wants hair that adapts to the countless situations she runs into each day. This woman combines her professional and personal life to perfection and is a natural in every environment. She’s practical and has a special flair for playing many roles with ease and without the need to create a new image for different occasions.

 Marrakech, the Pearl of the South, is the city of contrasts and extremes par excellence. The city was the source of inspiration for the RP brand artistic team; Marrakech became the name of the new collection. It was also the location chosen for the photo session to transmit the sensations brought to life by such a pleasant climate. This stunning city boasts an endless number of amazing gardens, palaces, mosques, colours, textures, art, aromas, palm trees and city walls. The intense blue sky provides a contrast for vivid green exotic plants and red earth, the textures of the walls and palm trees create a conceptual atmosphere. It is the frame for representing the lifestyle of our iconic woman: the woman who travels, the independent, modern woman.

The Revlon Professional Marrakech range features three key looks: Luca Gadjus, Amber Mitchell and Veranika.


Signature Style, Inc. has been in the hair and beauty business since May 1996.  Being one of the pioneer distributors in the Philippines industry, Signature Style, Inc. has been appointed exclusive distributorship for Revlon Professional in the country. Thus, offering the complete range of salon products from permanent and semi-permanent hair colors, hair and scalp treatments, hair styling products, perm and straightening systems from Revlon Professional, Spain.

Revlon Professional is a brand that encompasses color, styling, hair care and hair treatment products distributed exclusively to professionals. Since its creation, Revlon Professional has been synonymous of innovation, fashion and technology at the service of the most creative professionals and their clients. The brand’s portfolio of Salon productshas gained the confidence and prestige of professionals in more than 100 countries.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hair Makeover Weekend by REVLON PROFFESIONAL

Today was a such an eventful morning, I headed to Pasig for the hair makeover at Revlon Professional and was invited by the beautiful, Eizel. I am really thankful that I was invited to this, I NEEDED this. As you observe my photos in my old posts, my hair was dull and just plain black. With this opportunity, I was blessed to make my hair alive again. Goodbye streaks of yellow-gold hair on the tips. GOODBYE! 

I chose the color + hair treatment, always been wanting to dye my hair again but didn't have the chance to do so

The place where they took our before & after photos, will post them as soon as I get hold of them!

Me before, boring boring hair. 

Welcomed by the friendliest hair stylists in the world. 

Miss Donata and I are the early birds! Chirp chirp.

哈哈哈哈~ I look like a 中国人 

Michael, my hair colorists, talented, funny & very becky. He's a freelancer, I hope people will hire him more. He really knows what he's doing! Just look at me. CHAR CHOS CHAROT CHEKA!!!

The products used on me: 

I love this spray! It will make your hair shine for 24 hours, you can purchase this at Revlon Professional for Php 537

The good stuff. Very good stuff.



Didn't photoshop these, so you can see the real thing! And also there's a guest star on some of the photos - she is Pluisje the Bunny x Just scroll down to see her ;) 

& thanks to my Mom for the lovely photos! 

I chose this color by the way, because I want it to be just natural & brown compliments my skin color


Thank you everyone from REVLON PROFESSIONAL
The president is gorgeous as well, she's full of life and I just want to be like her someday! And maybe I will be ;)

Visit Revlon Professional now at #34 Sta. Rosa St., Kapitolyo Pasig and I am sure you will enjoy being there handled by trusted hair stylists and colorists! :-)