Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank you Regatta Philippines!

"Sharing a privileged world of leisure, comfort, and classic style -- this is the Regatta experience."

Shopped at Regatta Greenbelt 3 yesterday care of... well of course, Regatta Philippines! :) Got a wallet, a small wallet-ish bag and a beautiful white sombrero! Thank you Ms. Izel Acong! x

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What's Inside My...

Hey everyone! For today's entry I will be showing you all my small make-up collection and if you notice I don't talk about this much since I am no expert when it comes to cosmetics. I hope you enjoy this post. Haha.

Foundation - I am obsessed with foundation. I am serious.

(L-R) Lancome Teint Miracle, Victoria's Secret Soft Focus Liquid Foundation SPF 20 Deep 10, MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation NC 42, Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation N (SPF 25) 40

Eyebrows - these two are a such a great combo!!! From drugstore make-up to a high-end one = perfect match

e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit and MAC Brow Set Beguile 


e.l.f. Candid Coral and the Balm Hot Mama! Shadow/Blush


(L-R) Tony Moly Tony Tint Cherry Pink, The Face Shop Color Shimmer Lipstick OR201, Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick Pink Petal, Nivea Pinkish Boost, MAC Wonder Woman Marquise d', Clinique (though I strongly think it's not because it is only 200 BUT omg this one is an amazing matte lipstick... see photo below; the photo does not do any justice, it's shade is same as MAC's Russian Red lipstick)


MAC Studio Fix NC42, Paul & Joe Face Powder N 30


(L-R) Cover Girl Tru Blend Naturally Luminous Bronzer (with minerals) 435 Golden Sunrise, Victoria's Secret Bronzer/Highlighter Trio Goddess, Benefit Powderazzi

Eye Shadow - erhm.. not a big fan of eye shadow.

The Face Shop Color Nuance Cream Shadow YL701 and Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadow My-Green 431


The Face Shop Eyelash curler, The Face Shop Faux Eyelash XLS, Maybelline New York the Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Black 


(L-R) The Body Shop Powder Brush, MAC Contouring Brush 168, The Body Shop Foundation Brush (used for blush), Mary Kay Crease Brush, Eye Brow Brush and Blending Brush, MAC Liner Brush, Foundation Brush and Powder Brush


Maybelline New York Impact Express Smooth Felt (MUST BUY!)

Brush Cleaner

MAC Brush Cleaner 

This collection is still growing so if you have any suggestions or other preferences, do tell x 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Oh my God. I cannot wait to have a proper vacation! It's been a tiring month mixing work & school encountering tons of problems related to school and tossed with enthusiastic students who are eager to learn a new language. I enjoy what I am doing but right now I just want to have a long holiday and to be away from this city. My boyfriend and I have been doing early bookings for our holiday trip this December since it's a peak season, and for God knows what it is going to be a hassle to book on the latter part of the year. We wouldn't want to be left with such expensive places to stay in!

Photo courtesy of 

Right now the only thing on my mind is to be in a balcony with a beautiful sea blue ocean right in front of me drinking banana shake and having the time of my life. Oh such 8 dreadful months to go! Now, the only thing that I should really focus on is my summer for the next 5 weeks. What in the world am I going to do if I am so busy with my part-time job? The only thing thing that motivates me is how much people I am continuously inspiring & helping and of course, the money.  

Lalalala. I have to get ready for school now. Ugh, physics class. Damn you.

Monday, April 23, 2012

We All Go Through That Phase

There are some several changes that I've been experiencing for months now and one of them is how I dress up. I think I've officially ditched platform shoes, stilettos and such to sneakers, flats and etc. I don't know why the sudden change from high-fashion-ish to comfort lifestyle. I guess I was bored already and I need the change.

Here are some of the items that I recently bought: a Hurley backpack and DC Bristol Le shoes both from Bratpack, Greenbelt 5. I seriously adore that shop ever since the sudden change in my life. I just want to buy all those Roxy bikinis and dresses and everything! 

Right now I am high on traveling and my adrenaline towards it is so indescribable. Hence, my home page is Cebu Pacific Air. 

Ever since I got my new job (the first one too), I've been learning the art of valuing money. I've been kuripot and I seriously don't mind repeating clothes over and over again. I am already in that maturity stage that money doesn't grow on trees and never ever spend money that you don't have. With this conclusion, should I still be called "The Little Big Spender"? In my opinion, no. However, I still have to carry that name til' I grow older but doesn't mean I have to live it up to it. Haha. How confusing. Well, the main reason why I cannot leave the title behind is because I AM "The Little Big Spender". I am known for that and it hurts! Lol.

On the lighter note, I am looking forward to my future trips this year: Davao (again), Boracay and maybe more... I would really love to go to Sagada and Batanes as well but the busy schedule from school & work and the budget are such big obstacles! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SoFA's Fashion Promotion Class presents... MOODS!

A charity fashion show by the Fashion Promotion class (conducted by noted Fashion Designer, Mr. Gerry Katigbak) of the School of Fashion and the Arts (Term Jan 2012-Apr2012)

Ticket price: Php100

Contact me for tickets & inquiries -  0906-431-00-99 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0906-431-00-99      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

*All proceeds will be donated to the foundation, OPERATION BLESSING (please click for more details:

Location: SoFA Design Institute, 1st Flr. 399 ENZO Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City (near Buendia MRT Station)

Show starts: 7PM [ it's a first come first serve basis, please be early as possible :) ]

Feel free to share this event to your family & friends!

Valerie Chia
Marielle Baysa
Emmanuel Belen II
Ally Garces
Natasha Iguel
Awi Norona
Clovis Payumo
Hanna De Los Reyes
Lee Reyes
Florian Trinidad


DLA Naturals
Sole Service
Enrique Zobel Foundation
Purple Lines Event
Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPPAP)
Maquillage Professionel


AFTER PARTY AT KYSS!  Located at: 
5345 Gen. Luna St., Makati Ave., Makati City
Open bar: 9:30pm-11:30

Friday, April 13, 2012


Promo Details

Promo Title: Escape to Luxury

  • April 12 - May 6, 2012 (purchases and raffle entries)
  • May 7. 2012 (raffle draw)


1. Shop at any Regatta store from April 12 - May 6, 2012.

2. For every P1,000 single receipt purchase from Regatta, you can join Regatta’s Escape to Luxury Promo on Facebook.

3. Like Regatta on Facebook ( and click the promo app icon on the upper right part under the cover photo.

4. Enter the requested information:
·        Name
·        Link to FB profile page
·        Names of 2 people you would like to have as getaway company
·        Address
·        Email address
·        Mobile number
·        Regatta branch where purchase was made
·        Transaction number (from purchase receipt)

5. Each fan can submit as many entries as s/he wants and have different friends in the list of
Escape to Luxury company provided that the fan inputs different transaction numbers in the promo form depending on how many P1,000 single receipt purchase s/he has made. Each submission is equivalent to one raffle entry.

6. Deadline of entry submissions is on May 6, 2012. Twenty two (22) lucky winners will be drawn via automated raffle on May 7, 2012 at Golden ABC Inc. office.

7.      Two (2) lucky winners along with his/her two company will be treated to an Escape to Luxury trip* to Shangri-la Mactan and will also receive P5, 000 worth of gift certificate from Regatta. The remaining 20 winners will win P2, 000 worth of GC.

8.      A customer can only win once. If a name is drawn more that once he/she gets the prize of higher value.
9.      Prizes are transferable and not convertible to cash.

10.   All winners will be notified on or before May 8, 2012 by an authorized Regatta representative through email, phone and registered mail. Redemption period is until May 18, 2012.

11.   Winner can redeem their prize from the Regatta branch where they made the purchase that qualified them for the raffle promo.

12.   Winners must present the receipt used during registration and 2 valid I.D.s (government issued: Drivers license, Passport, SSS, TIN, Professional license, etc) when claiming his/her prize.

13.   Employees of Golden ABC, and their affliates, their spouses and their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this promo. 

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Urban Escape with MEMO

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Office Spouse

There are so much things I want to do: Read a book, fix my room & closet, practice sketching and so much more. However, I cannot seem to do all of these and end up watching series and going on social networking sites endlessly.

They can be tedious but it's already a nature for me to do it without even thinking about it. Last Sunday, I had my second day of work. Yes, I went to the office on a Sunday to work. They had to take our photos taken to be displayed somewhere. Again, I cannot write down such details for it is confidential.

Then I see a certain guy who works there. Don't worry, my boyfriend knows about this "guy" who I find cute. Okay, cute. No harm in that. Don't think maliciously. However, this isn't just a "guy" because his nationality is same as our boss' nationality & pretty much he is in a high position of the company. Let's just say... he has an important role.

Anyway, so during work the desk where I and some of my new found friends where at is just a bit across his desk. I had a good view of him and from my observation, he really has nice arm muscles. I seriously hope they won't find this blog or else they'll know I am talking about.

But that's about it. The farthest that I can go to is look at him. I don't want him or anything, I just really think he is an attractive looking man. Yum.

So while my new co-worker and I were listening to a lecture Mr. "Guy" walked in and looked at him. My co-worker looked at me and smiled so I smiled too. Our trainer saw our smiles and already knew what we were both thinking... Oh no, second day of work and I'm already busted. LOL!

I shall end this topic right now before my boyfriend freaks out! Don't worry boo, no malice :-) Have you heard of office spouse? Haha! Just kidding. Soon enough, I won't be seeing him again anyway.

I'm too in love with my boyfriend. We go together like butter and hagelslag :-)

While rest of my friends are in Subic enjoying their wonderful break (een beetje jealous), I am here being a busy & lazy bee. The only reason why I'm not in Subic right now is because I have an important Physics quiz & experiment on Wednesday. I can leave right after school but then I'd have to go back early Saturday because I have work again. Yes, there is no such holiday this Saturday at my work.

I caught the sight of my book and had the urge to read. So I'll keep you guys posted. Sayonara.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's around 1 in the morning already and I'm still up watching It Started With A Kiss. I also feel like talking about what happened to me earlier this afternoon.

So I had my first day at work, I'm still at the orientation/training stage. It was interesting to know more about the job I'm getting myself into. I rather keep this work confidential for I cannot really share more things about it. I was told not to share much much details, so yes. I feel like an undercover spy for some odd reason.

I met new people today, met some of the bosses and all that. I'm still overwhelmed by the fact that I will earn my own through real hard-work. I am happy with the salary too, good enough for me.

At least I can save up for my own plane tickets and probably win my credit card back. I am grateful that my parents are happy for me. I am proud of myself too for I've been seriously focusing on my priorities for these past few months.

I was supposed to go on a big journey this summer, but my mother didn't let me. I cried a bit but I understood her reasons. To me, those beautiful places will always be there. There are so much time for it, so why hurry?

At least I will have more time for my studies and work. I can earn and save up more money for the future. I don't want to bother my parents anymore for such leisure, I want them to enjoy their own hard earned money for themselves.

I guess I am growing up. I am happy that I don't have the feeling to be bratty if my mom says no to this and that. Labag man sa kalooban ko pero deep inside naiintindihan ko. I am going to sacrifice so much this year and that is no problem at all. I know I am going to miss on alot of things, but hey that's life.  You need to sacrifice to make other people happy. Sometimes we should really sacrifice for our own good too.

You do realize that our parents have sacrificed so much just for us?

I am satisfied and happy with what I have. I have nothing to complain about anymore.  I am excited what this year is going to offer, but I am really looking forward for December.