Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Oh my God. I cannot wait to have a proper vacation! It's been a tiring month mixing work & school encountering tons of problems related to school and tossed with enthusiastic students who are eager to learn a new language. I enjoy what I am doing but right now I just want to have a long holiday and to be away from this city. My boyfriend and I have been doing early bookings for our holiday trip this December since it's a peak season, and for God knows what it is going to be a hassle to book on the latter part of the year. We wouldn't want to be left with such expensive places to stay in!

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Right now the only thing on my mind is to be in a balcony with a beautiful sea blue ocean right in front of me drinking banana shake and having the time of my life. Oh such 8 dreadful months to go! Now, the only thing that I should really focus on is my summer for the next 5 weeks. What in the world am I going to do if I am so busy with my part-time job? The only thing thing that motivates me is how much people I am continuously inspiring & helping and of course, the money.  

Lalalala. I have to get ready for school now. Ugh, physics class. Damn you.