Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Office Spouse

There are so much things I want to do: Read a book, fix my room & closet, practice sketching and so much more. However, I cannot seem to do all of these and end up watching series and going on social networking sites endlessly.

They can be tedious but it's already a nature for me to do it without even thinking about it. Last Sunday, I had my second day of work. Yes, I went to the office on a Sunday to work. They had to take our photos taken to be displayed somewhere. Again, I cannot write down such details for it is confidential.

Then I see a certain guy who works there. Don't worry, my boyfriend knows about this "guy" who I find cute. Okay, cute. No harm in that. Don't think maliciously. However, this isn't just a "guy" because his nationality is same as our boss' nationality & pretty much he is in a high position of the company. Let's just say... he has an important role.

Anyway, so during work the desk where I and some of my new found friends where at is just a bit across his desk. I had a good view of him and from my observation, he really has nice arm muscles. I seriously hope they won't find this blog or else they'll know I am talking about.

But that's about it. The farthest that I can go to is look at him. I don't want him or anything, I just really think he is an attractive looking man. Yum.

So while my new co-worker and I were listening to a lecture Mr. "Guy" walked in and looked at him. My co-worker looked at me and smiled so I smiled too. Our trainer saw our smiles and already knew what we were both thinking... Oh no, second day of work and I'm already busted. LOL!

I shall end this topic right now before my boyfriend freaks out! Don't worry boo, no malice :-) Have you heard of office spouse? Haha! Just kidding. Soon enough, I won't be seeing him again anyway.

I'm too in love with my boyfriend. We go together like butter and hagelslag :-)

While rest of my friends are in Subic enjoying their wonderful break (een beetje jealous), I am here being a busy & lazy bee. The only reason why I'm not in Subic right now is because I have an important Physics quiz & experiment on Wednesday. I can leave right after school but then I'd have to go back early Saturday because I have work again. Yes, there is no such holiday this Saturday at my work.

I caught the sight of my book and had the urge to read. So I'll keep you guys posted. Sayonara.