Monday, April 23, 2012

We All Go Through That Phase

There are some several changes that I've been experiencing for months now and one of them is how I dress up. I think I've officially ditched platform shoes, stilettos and such to sneakers, flats and etc. I don't know why the sudden change from high-fashion-ish to comfort lifestyle. I guess I was bored already and I need the change.

Here are some of the items that I recently bought: a Hurley backpack and DC Bristol Le shoes both from Bratpack, Greenbelt 5. I seriously adore that shop ever since the sudden change in my life. I just want to buy all those Roxy bikinis and dresses and everything! 

Right now I am high on traveling and my adrenaline towards it is so indescribable. Hence, my home page is Cebu Pacific Air. 

Ever since I got my new job (the first one too), I've been learning the art of valuing money. I've been kuripot and I seriously don't mind repeating clothes over and over again. I am already in that maturity stage that money doesn't grow on trees and never ever spend money that you don't have. With this conclusion, should I still be called "The Little Big Spender"? In my opinion, no. However, I still have to carry that name til' I grow older but doesn't mean I have to live it up to it. Haha. How confusing. Well, the main reason why I cannot leave the title behind is because I AM "The Little Big Spender". I am known for that and it hurts! Lol.

On the lighter note, I am looking forward to my future trips this year: Davao (again), Boracay and maybe more... I would really love to go to Sagada and Batanes as well but the busy schedule from school & work and the budget are such big obstacles!