Tuesday, July 26, 2011

80 80 80 80 80

While most of you are going gaga over Harry Potter, I am going gaga over 80's teen movies. When my friends watched Harry Potter (couldn't go since I had school the next day and they always watch in Eastwood) I stayed home and watched Pretty in Pink. Pretty in Pink is a 1986 movie directed by Howard Deutch, starring the famous Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, Andrew McCarthy and so on...


It is about this "poor girl", Andie Walsh, who dreams to be rich and live in a beautiful house. Since she can't afford to buy clothes, she would make them by herself.


Andie's best friend, Duckie, is in love with her.


The bitches of the movie a.k.a. the rich ones


And ahhhh!!!!! Blane Mcdonnagh, the rich guy who falls in love with Andie.


I super j'adore the floral pants & crochet vest going on! That's what I love about the 80's, DETAILS are VERY IMPORTANT.



His eyes are sooooooooooo beautiful.


Noticed they wear two types of earrings, a couple of the normal ones and one long/big piece.



The other best friend





Love everything about this outfit as well!


Blane's best friend, who is trying to stop him from liking Andie.

Here are 3 outfits that I created that were inspired from the movie...

pretty in pink 1

pretty in pink 2

pretty in pink 3

I suggest you to watch this movie even though it is an average chick flick movie. It is nice sometimes to watch movies that came from another "era", you'll learn a lot about their culture and the fashion which I truly enjoy.

Another movie that I also fell in love with the outfits and of course the story was Can't Buy Me Love. Can't Buy Me is a 1987 movie that was directed by Steve Rash, starring Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Peterson, Courtney Gains and etc...


Meet Cindy, a rich and popular girl who everyone adores


And Ronald, (on the left) a dork who likes Cindy, with his best friend.


Guys who wear short shorts!!! And small tight shirts. How do you feel about that?


I like his glasses! Actually, it's pretty popular nowadays right? And Ronald (Patrick Dempsey) kinda reminds me of Mike Concepcion here.



I want that bra/bathing suit top with fringes! I think its hot and cute. Lol pair it with a bottom which also has fringes? NO. Actually I just googled it now, and you would see em' lingerie with fringes on belly dancer. But then theirs are beads and other materials.




Tribal-ish earrings! Aha! I saw this on Pretty Little Liars as well and you know what's good? They sell 'em in Divisoria!!! Can't wait to get back to that place.


Cropped top on guys? Hahaha Now I can imagine you Rafael wearing this, okay not really.





Love them both, love their styles. So I created two polyvore sets inspired from them -

cant buy me love 2

I also suggest to watch this movie because yeah, its just nice. I like the story and the characters, it's a bit different from the other average teen movies... I think.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Don't worry, I will be making more since I've been watching teen movies from the 80's for the past weeks already.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Denim Revolution: Oxygen’s Reversible Jeans

x_MG_3757 cropped

When you’re already the go-to style hub of the Metro’s “it” fashionistas, what else do you do? Do you grow complacent? Or do you continue creating the most exciting fashion revolutions?


Head-turning, trend-setting clothing line Oxygen sure knows the answer! And yes, it is keen on embracing the latter as once again it introduces a first in Philippine retail: Oxygen’s Reversible Jeans. Well, style superstars will agree that it’s about time for such a fashionable innovation.

“We always keep things fresh and exciting. Fashion is very dynamic and so as our market. We want to show people we are continually evolving with them, giving them nothing less than the trendiest and the most eye-catching fashion,” said Oxygen’s Brand Director Jeffrey Bascon.


The reversible pants are no doubt the coolest twist that has ever happened to our normal everyday blue jeans. It’s basically having two denim styles in one perfect-fitting chaps. It’s great for fellows who are always out traveling or those that want to instantly change up their looks. All you got to do is flip it inside out!


Sure must-haves this season, it comes in different washes such as gray, dark blue, black, and others. You also have the freedom to find the perfect fit as it comes in either drop-crotch or skinny.

It’s time to be part of a hip denim revolution with Oxygen. The reversible jeans are out in stores starting third week of July. Go grab your pair!

x_MG_3803 cropped

Go to the Oxygen fan page on Facebook [CLICK] or catch it on Twitter @oxygenclothing for more information and exciting treats.


x_MG_3645 cropped

x_MG_3702 cropped

Happy Week

So last week was one of the best weeks of my 17 years of existence in this world. It was filled with fun, new experiences and simple joys. Well you all know about the Penshoppe event last Tuesday, then Wednesday was another "Yummy Wednesday"...

Then Friday - first night out with the SoFA girls for this term!












Saturday - I invited my loves to join me to The Spa for a massage, but then we needed reservations pala, so we just reserved the day after. Then we decided to eat at Rufo's!


But then, we were not satisfied eating tapa only... So we went to Chicboy naman!


We we're so full, of course.

Sunday - SPA DAAAAY! With the same people, Victor, Cheska, Alex and I. Sorry didn't get to take much pictures. But before that, my moms and I went to this buffet place around Taguig then shopped at Zara (post below) at Greenbelt.

I don't know how to really explain how happy I was. Really. Great week!