Saturday, July 9, 2011

All We Do Is Win.

The gang has reunited once again! Well, half of the gang. Fiamma was packed, I swear it was so hard to move. It took us like 10 mins to get upstairs. It was THAT crowded. However, it was a good night because I got to see my ~lovable~ friends again. HAHA! Thanks for the lift Javier!

AND OH! GOOD NEWS! I joined AVA's Jeffrey Campbell shoe giveaway, and guess who won? Me!!! So I chose Jeffrey Campbell "So Much" out from other 4 choices which are: So Crazy, Foxy, Woven Lita and Be Well.

Why did I choose those? Well I do want to get the Woven Lita but then I already have a Lita. Why not Foxy? So many girls have it already and there are knock-offs of it as well. So Crazy is just okay, I already have that kind of shoe. And Be Well is not my type.

so much

And I would just like to thank all of my friends who I borrowed like 3 mins. of their life to register to AVA. Really, thank you.

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