Friday, July 15, 2011


Not too long ago, I was awakened by an annoying knock then I kind of had the strength to yell, "Who is it?" "Package for Karina Santiago" he shouted back. I got up so fast, put on some decent clothes and went to the door. I knew it will come this morning, I just knew it!!!

Jeffrey Campbell So Much

It's beautiful, comfortable and simply beautiful. Thank you so much AVA for the contest, you guys are awesome! I'd probably make a pre-order sometime soon, *ahem* Steve Madden *ahem* Shazzam Platform... Haha. Like what Jeroen said, "It's never too much for you."

And of course to my friends on Facebook who registered on AVA, thank you all. I owe you all like a minute or two of your lives. There's the shoes you guys got me!!! Yipee!

Good morning and good weekend ahead! Positive thinking, positive!!!

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