Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell x Fall 2011 Look Book

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes: Fall 2011 Look Book from Joseph Miner on Vimeo.

I love it how you can run with Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, I could kinda run with my Litas. And I remember I was kind of jogging it around school to show how comfy it was. Haha!

So sorry for not been updating, been busy with college, as usual. Midterms are next week, and I still have sewing projects to finish. I still have to sew two regular zippers on the cloth, then an invisible zipper on this skirt I'm working on. I haven't worked with the seams together of the skirt pa nga eh. AND so happy that AVA already confirmed my address so meaning I will get the Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I won by the weekend, hopefully! YAY!