Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Happens in Cambodia, Stays in Cambodia Part Two

I woke up at four-forty in the morning to shower on that special day. Yes, I seriously remember that I woke up at 4:40 because I alarmed my phone at 4:30 then murmured that I will sleep for 10 minutes more. Luckily, my body listened to me. I took a shower in the bathroom, the light was dim, the water was hot and my hair smelled like rusty metal. Eeeyuck. Didn't matter during that day, because I felt such a backpacker. F.Y.I. yung ibang backpackers medyo may mga amoy. lolz. 

After shower, I woke Alex up and it was her turn in the bathroom. After we both got ready, we headed down to the lobby and saw Sunday, the man in the front desk, who was sleeping. We woke him and he hurriedly stood up to call our tuk-tuk driver. When we went out... damn it was hella cold. Like seriously. Alex had her cardigan on and I didn't have any. Stupid me. 

We were introduced to our lovely tuk-tuk driver of the day named, Poe. Our tuk-tuk looked cute and unique.

On our way there was one of the worst moments in my life. It was seriously cold and I was shivering the whole time. Poe got even a blanket on while driving. Lucky bastard. Haha. We saw some ravishing hotels along the way and saw some fellow tourists on their tuk-tuks paving their way to the Angkor Wat. 

It was really dark when we got there and to realize there were hundreds of tourists (maybe even a thousand) to watch the sunrise.

It was such a beautiful morning that day and to think that at that moment we were in a breathtaking place. I am happy that I got to spend it with my bestfriend! Who by the way writes better than I do! Haha!

When were about on our way to go inside an unexpected (quite expected) guy showed up!

It's Matt, the American guy we met in our hostel back in Vietnam! It was really funny to bump into him despite the fact there were so much people in this area. We also saw the Dutch couple that day with a tour guide. Sosyal, kayo na.

We invited Matt to join us to tour the Angkor Wat altogether. It's good though that we did, he was really funny, smart and was game for anything!

First Stop: Angkor Wat Temple

I kissed it so I can be part of history!!!

Very Borgy Manotoc.

Mag jowabells?!

With a kid name Sra and behind us is his mother's food stall - Austin Powers. If you plan to eat here, please and tell him that girls named Alex & Inna from the Philippines sent you there. We told him we were going to eat there when we come back after going around. Sadly, we did not.

With a monk

Second Stop: Phnom Bakheng

Different countries around the globe are helping Cambodia to conserve this historical place

We be three chilling in Phnom Bakheng like a boss

The hipster rock

Third Stop: Bayon, Angkor Thom

Did you know? After this trip, I have converted myself to Buddhism. Spiritually, of course.

You had to pay to have your picture taken with them. So I just took a candid shot for free.

Fourth Stop: Baphuon, Angkor Thom

Sadly, Alex and I were not allowed to climb up because we were wearing shorts. The guard that assigned there was strict.

Fifth Stop:  Phimeanakas, Angkor Thom

And we were allowed to climb here. 

Sixth Stop: Terrace of the Elephants 

Seventh Stop: Terrace of the Leper King

Lunch Time 

Best lunch we ever had. Alex really loved her meal there. Mine was amazing as well. Their seasoning was the best. Better than Knorr. Damn.

Eighth Stop: Preah Pitu

Ninth Stop: Ta Phrom

Tenth Stop: Banteay Kdei

For our last stop, we want back to Angkor Wat to watch the sunset. Sadly, we were at the wrong place. We could have watched it in Phnom Bakheng, but it was okay as well to go back so we could have another moment there before we head back home.

It was such a long, tiring yet fun & adventurous day with these two! It is always great to  meet a new friend and have such great memory with them. Thanks to a random Cambodian tour guide, we were able to have a picture altogether. 

Siem Riep Town Proper

Since Matt's motorcycle driver left him with us (HAHA) we brought him home with our awesome tuk-tuk driver who was asleep most of the time he was waiting for us. He also would have mood swings, one time he's okay and happy when we wake him and there would be times that he would be so bitchy.

Our last dinner in Cambodia was quite sad, but we shall not fret because we know we're going back there anytime soon!!! And negativity is not allowed here. 

Khmer food is the best. The vegetables are always fresh, the spices and everything seems so great. Their rice is pretty good too. Hands down to Khmer food. Hands fcking down.

Beef Lok Lak, best freaking meal I ever had

At 11:40, we left the hostel and a van picked us up from there. We went to another hostel and hotel to pick up other people that are also leaving that night for Ho Chi Minh. When we got to the bus terminal we were told that our ticket isn't for the sleeping bus that leaves at 12:00, and yet we booked the sleeping bus from our hostel. The two guys that we were with (a Canadian and a Canadian born Vietnamese) wanted the sleeping bus as well. We were guided to this other looking nice bus that leaves at 12:30. Alex sat on our seat and settled down, while I used the bathroom inside the bus and stepped out for a bit to get some fresh air.

Suddenly, a guy who works for the bus company asked me if our luggage was big. I said no, we only have one medium-sized bag. Then he said, "Okay, go to sleeping bus now, we leave soon." I ran to Alex and told her the good news while Ron, the Canadian, heard us and cursed. Hahaha! Sorry guys. We got it the available spots first!!! 

It was such a good trip at the sleeping bus since I was asleep for 6 hours straight, it was pretty comfortable for me because I am pretty short. Just a pity for the taller ones. We woke up already at Phnom Penh around 6am. We grabbed breakfast again in Jaan since our bus trip is still around 8am or something.

We kind of met this other guy with such beautiful eyes! Haha. He was alone in his table though at Jaan, while the two guys, Ron & Frank were at the other table a bit far away from us.

Alex and I just finished ordering when the waitress brought us blowjob shots and we were like, WTF. The lady said that two guys got it for us and she pointed at Ron & Frank. When we looked at them, they waved at us and said, "That's for stealing our spot! Enjoy!" 

Shit. Fuck. We took the shots and agh. It wasn't really strong.

Then the bus finally came, such a horrible bus then off we leave for Vietnam!

Friendly tips when you plan to visit Siem Riep:

1. Wear pants, jogging pants or whatever so you can enter all temples.
2. Bring cardigan
3. No need a tour guide, just bring a book & explore on your own
4. Take the 1 day tour - $20 but if you are a hardcore diehard fan of Angkor Wat then take the 3 or 7 day tour. LOL!
5. Never lose your ticket. You have your picture on it. You don't want some pedophile stalking you. Chos. No seriously, don't lose it.
6. Watch out for the Cambodian kids that will offer you different souvenirs at a time. If you buy one from one kid, his/her friend will go up to you and try to beg you to buy from them also. Though, they are so sweet and lovable and you would just like to help them, it gets annoying too.
7. Get your tuk-tuk driver's phone number. Don't lose your tuk-tuk driver.
8. Eat your heart out. Khmer food is amazing.
9. Have water with you, always.
10. Enjoy and take tons of photos! This is a trip to remember~