Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just A Thought

I am happy to hear the news that the missing girl, Noemi Lagman, has been found already. It feels good to know that she is safe and now is returned to her family. And thanks to us little internet slaves, we have helped them in a way through social media.

Now, I know we are all VERY curious about her disappearance, the family will be quiet about this as they were advised to shut up for security reasons.

Oh okay. Hmm... if she was kidnapped, I am sure that the authorities are eager to go on media and talk about this-  especially if they found her kidnapper, if there is one. THEN if there really is a kidnapper, the public would like to know so we would be me more aware.

Though we are very well informed about not bringing huge amounts of money so just use a debit card  or a credit card instead. Yes, we know that already.

Okay fine, admit it - we're just chismosos and chismosas. What the hell happened? What happened to her? Where was she? What did she do in those days? Was she with anyone?

I hope in time when the family is ready, she would talk about this. Tell your story and inspire my child, inspire~