Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello Mr. Sunshine

Denim shirt - Liz Claiborne, Bottoms - from Vietnam, Earrings - Forever 21, Cuff - The Ramp, Bag - Forever 21, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

The sun was ridiculously strong today. Bipolar weather we be having, eh? Though it's always great to see the sun out, it gives me that warm & happy feeling inside. 

I had Fashion Illustration class today, it was pretty chill. Was also good to see my friend, Ghen, today. Missed him very much!

Mimi & Ghen

Bengt, my lovely photography and editor-in-chief of

Regina and her lovely blazer

and my dahhhhling Daniel and his pretty kimono

Schedules for the next term are out, can't wait to take up new classes such as Fashion Journalism and Fashion Photography with Nariz! Go check out her blog, she has a nice lovely header!

After school I met up with my friend Die and got to talk about our lives lately~ we ate at John & Yoko since we've been craving for Japanese food then went to watch Segunda Mano.

I only watched it because of Kris Aquino.
I've been a fan of the horror movies she's starred in.

This one though was quite dragging but I like the twist at the end.

I also thought that Dingdong Dantes did a good job, and fine I admit he looked hot in the movie.
The best part? Having Rico Blanco in the movie. Oh yes.

Such a good day, now I'm at home and have to worry about school. Aghhhhhh.

I cut myself again, oh clumsy me. 

Goodnight y'all lads x