Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

Hey hey hey. I know this blog is not updated that much yet and I haven't been posting about fashion related things and all - forgive me for I have a life too! Haha. I still have that Vietnam x Cambodia hangover in me and I am enjoying the last days of my Christmas break. 

Don't worry, The Little Big Spender will be back very soon! And oh yes, Happy New Year to you all! Agh, that greeting is so overrated. So I'll change it to - "Wishing everyone to have a great start of the year! :-) Just like what the Buddha said, "May all beings be well and happy." 

Okay, I actually tweeted that this morning. And guess what, I think I am going to start to study Buddha's teachings. I am very interested and I actually like his ways. He said that you don't have to accept his words if you don't want to, you are not forced to. It is your decision whether his teachings are right or wrong, then you follow them.

But anyway, I rather keep the rest of my plans of learning (not sure if I will convert yet) Buddhism to myself. 

So how are you all? Did you guys have a great Christmas break and how was your New Years Celebration? Was it fun? Did you wear red? Did you wear polka-dots? Did you jump right after the countdown? Did you kiss someone? Did you get drunk? Did you get high? Did you pass out? Did you trip out? Did you eat fine dining? Did you eat at Ministop because every restaurant & fast food chains were closed? Did you steal food from other people? Did you drive while you were drunk? Did you light up a firework? Did you burn your hand?  (I hope not)

*Not every question is applicable to what happened to me and my friends last night. Just saying~ Lol.

And OH! Look what's with me na

I feel so giddy~~

谢谢我的朋友, D.Cho~ for including my order with hers so I can save up money for shipping fee. 
I think I should wear it during summer with nothing under. Chos.
Oh my gosh, what am I talking about??? That is not the Buddhist way!!!


p.s. On my way back to Manila this afternoon there was a man lying down on the road, his head was bleeding like fck and there was blood on the road. Thank goodness he was still alive and was still moving. A lady was helping him out already and I think he fell out from his motorcycle. The blood and all was not a pretty sight and until now I can still remember how he looks like. I seriously wish that he is okay and is alive.

And by the way, where in the world was his helmet?!