Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I went to school today for English class. We didn't do much, we just had to prepare for our defense next week by doing a mock defense. I kinda hated the weather today, but the improved me says that I must appreciate it. My flats got really wet though. Kind of nasty, hehe.

Dress - from Vietnam, Belt - Forever 21, Flats - Zara, Bracelet- from a bazaar, Earrings - Forever 21

My friends were right, I looked so decent and proper. I like it.

Thank you Daniel for the photos, I love you.

Check out his blog

So my friend uploaded some photos from our  the gang's Christmas party and pretty amazed at some photos. Okay, I'm a girl and of course I do care about my weight, if I see that I've been improving then I am more motivated to lose weight. However, I am not opting for the really skinny type. I like my meat, I like my fat. I don't need to be really skinny (I'm not going to be in teli anyway hehe), I can maintain being a size 2 instead than achieve a size 0.

Okay loving my waist on that picture. Not photoshopped! Haha just fixed the lighting. Hmm... I guess before my trip I was a bit smaller cause I did eat "a lot" in Vietnam & Cambodia.

I miss Khmer food, OhhhSuzzzzy, Bengt and I will cook a Khmer dish after exams. Yay.