Friday, March 30, 2012

The Legit Job

Tomorrow I am going start my very first job.
I am excited.
Let the excitement and hard work begin~

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Accessorize Yourself With Penshoppe

Paving the way for a more robust and diverse merchandise, leading fashion brand PENSHOPPE recently launched an expanded accessories line that will surely strike the fancy of their fashion-conscious fans.

The latest accessories collection includes a wide array of sophisticated items such as jewelry, shoes, belts, caps, scarves, wallets and bags. Prices are set at an affordable range to stay true to the PENSHOPPE promise of refined fashion taste to reach out to a wider market.

The new PENSHOPPE accessories collection offers a variety of pieces that will surely complement your daily casual wear. Whether it’s a colorful tote to match your dress, eye-catching jewelry to glam you up, or unique leather pieces to get that edgy look, PENSHOPPE’s newest accessories can instantly make a simple plain outfit into a chic and sophisticated get-up.

Bestselling items for ladies include the PENSHOPPE bags collection which features oversized leather colorblock bags (799.00) in bright and vivid hues. The canvas and leather shoulder bags (649.00) are also a hit especially this summer season with its practical yet very stylish designs.

Color splash.  Match your outfit with oversized leather colorblock bags (799.00) and vibrantly hued scarves (389.00)

Mix and match. Show off your fun and playful side with quirky rings and fancy bracelets (starts at 149.00). Get a handy shoulder bag (649.00) to complete your get up.

Scarves (389.00) in different vibrant colors add a touch of class and sophistication to any casual wear. Partner it with fancy bangles (149.00) and colorful rainbow rings (279.00), plus comfy glam flats (749.00) and you ladies are sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

Swim in hues. Choose from a variety of colorful scarves to zest up your outfit.

Dress up your footsies. Comfy glam flat for ladies are available in assorted colors. Get them all for only 749.00 each.

Mod glam. Classic and modern jewelry made affordable. Prices start at 249.00

Men, on the other hand, can choose among comfortable footwear options—sneakers (P999), espadrilles or canvas slip-ons (799.00). Assorted pieces such as leather cuffs (369.00) and leather necklaces (249.00) can also create a unique, edgy look. Wear them as they are or mix and match these accessories to show off your unique, personal style.

Made for comfort. Comfortable men’s shoes available in canvas slip-ons, espadrilles and sneakers. Price starts at 799.00

Edge out. Show off your cool, edgy side and stand out with Penshoppe’s leather pieces and lace-up sneakers. 

Men’s choice. Get these fashionable men’s accessories to get that casual and stylish look that match your personality.   

PENSHOPPE continues to be at the forefront of casual fashion industry. With non-stop efforts to boost its already growing catalogue, PENSHOPPE reinforces its status as the preferred brand for casual wear, and now, for accessories as well.

Glamorize. Fashion accessories (gold, silver and white), including assorted bangles, necklaces and rings, to make you stand out and glamorize any outfit.

Rocking it. Cool and unique black and silver pieces to reveal your daring and confident sides.

Women's accessories  are now available at all PENSHOPPE stores nationwide while Men’s accessories and shoes are available in selected stores only. Check out the shop nearest you to view the latest collection. 
For more information on the brand, visit the following sites:

The Fangirl in Me II

Yesterday was pretty mind-blowing because I received such an important package from a football player who I truly adore, Gregory van der Wiel. He plays for the Dutch National Team and AFC Ajax. So if you're new to my blog and has no clue what this all Gregory thing is all about well....

(A repost from an entry from Janruary 25, 2012)

Last night I made a video for a certain football player, Gregory van der Wiel. He plays for the Netherlands based club, Ajax and as well for the Dutch national team.

Why am I fan? Because he is perfect in so many ways. Not perfect in a PERFECT-PERFECT way, but he is just that ideal man that I've always wanted. Lol, ok probably the other side of me ;) I have never dated a "bad boy" in my life. Haha! Though he isn't BAD, it's just the way he looks and act is just. ugh. Hot.

And he is so talented, he is really good and passionate about football and that is what I love about him the most. He is a really nice guy and any girl will have him would be so lucky, and of course any club or team would have him would be extremely lucky as well.

Anyway, last night I joined one of his contests and the prize is a Nike Mercurial Vapors with his name on it. Yes, used. Oh shit, that's really hot. So I did guess his size. However....


UGLY THUMBNAIL. EW. HAHAHAHAHAHA. And there is one DISLIKE on the video. Probably some jealous fan. Haters gonna hate. If I were you, I'd keep that hating to myself and start focusing on how to get his attention too. It ain't my fault that I thought about this idea!

ANYWAY. After a long day at school - Physics made me fall asleep. I don't know why I was so tired during that class. And NSTP was good, I'm excited doing community service for this country. After NSTP, I went on my twitter (as usual) and saw this...

And a direct message! (Note: He did not follow me, he can send me a DM because I follow him)

WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!! Someone pinch, I think I am dreaming. This is way better than Mario Maurer replying and following me!!! Saaaaaaaaay whuuuuuuuuut!!!

Currently in lalalaland right now. Dreaming. Oh Buddha, thank you for giving me the power to stay positive at all times. Thank you.

And no, I understand that I cannot win the shoes but come to think of it - a jersey is way better than the shoes ;)

And yesterday...

Amazing, huh? He is a real gentleman because he kept his words and he really signed the jersey, put it on a plastic bag and sent it to me. All the time & effort just for me, wow. Really wonderful. 

So there you go guys especially to the ones who wondered how I managed to receive a jersey from such a respected athlete like Gregory. It such a great honor to receive such an important item in his life. It's a champion's shirt (though they lost to Spain in the finals but still won all games) and I am happy to have it with me. 

It's also an overwhelming feeling because of all people, I, a girl from the Philippines, received this jersey because of a video I made. Must be so special that it made an impact on him. Well that's how I love & adore him! Thank you again Gregory! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Inna's Summer 2012 Playlist x 1

Awesome tracks from awesome artists
Enjoy and have a great summer!

Corvette Cassette - Slow Magic
Forest of Lovers (Southern Shores Remix) - Wintercoats
Horizon - Philco Fiction
One Midnight With You (Mayer Hawthorne x M83) - The Hood Internet
Gimme Twice - The Concept
Show Me Love - Kate Havnevik
Best of Me - Carousel
Day Dreams - mildi matilda
Girls - yus
Submarine Symphonika (Ra Ra Riot Remix) - The Submarines
Mermaids - Jinja Safari
Sol. (Channel Swimmer Remix) - Mausi
Halfway In - LUM
Becoming Zen - Fotoshop

Watch out for another playlist very soon, working hard to look for the best tracks x

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hey big spenders! Summer is here and what should you be doing now? Well, getting the perfect summer getup of course! Looking for a 60's inspired look for this year? Tomato has it for you! Tomato Summer has the vibe of retro 60’s golden age with a modern sexy twist of the 2000!  The country’s premier stylists Pam Quinones and Rey Ilagan teamed up with in demand Make-up and Hair stylists Robi Pinera and Raymond Santiago in this Modern Classic Marc Nicdao photoshoot that gives you the Elegance and sexy vibe of the 60’s with a very fresh, young and modern twist. 


Tomato channeled the legendary sex appeal of  Brigitte Bardo with a hint of that Cindy Crawford style.  It’s Hollywood royalty meets Fashion Icon!  Big hair and pop of colors in swimsuits and summer wear in muted and high contrast shades of green, tangerine, earth tone shades of browns and blues dominate the 2012 Tomato’s Summer Collection .  High waist cut swimsuits with sexy peek a boo details will make every woman feel like a siren while leaving the men gasping for more.  Summer beads in various colorful shades of yellow, orange, teal, green etc. are perfect accessories for the day on the beach.


 For Tomato Green, it’s the 60’s clean sexy and mysterious look that’s rendered in fresh youthful contemporary style.  Brooding bad boy-good boy vibe will tingle your summer senses with Tomato Green’s 2012 Summer Collection.  It’s all about bringing out that sexy in you in comfortable clothes that are made to fit any type of body while enhancing your best features.  Above the knee thin shorts that fit close to the body with solid contrast color details are simply scene stealers, cuff shorts are most comfortable and stylish while colored chinos in green, blue, rust and red will definitely give you a fashion statement that spells confidence and style!

So hit your summer destination in Tomato’s 2012 Summer Collection!  Complete you stylish looks by wearing Tomato’s over sized summer eyewear and you are ready to go! 



·        Be the preppy boy next door that girls want to take home to Daddy!  Walk tall feeling high fashioned with this modern pair up of plaid and knee-length shorts.  Top off and go beyond comfort with casual accents like slip on shoes and a plain bag with piping details.

·        Give your jeans and khakis competition this summer by wearing colored chinos that’s super cool and suave!  Trim and tapered fits are fashion forward and actually effortless to wear to get that fashion statement that will surely make women go gaga!


·        Look forever fresh and young with narrow collar dress shirts that can even look extremely stylish with the proper accessory like a skinny tie or a pair of skinny jeans.  This cut will accentuate your  manly shoulders and neck and bring focus to your handsome face.

·        Feel extra rusty with a military inspired button-flap chest pockets that go goes great with any casual bottom whether it’s denim or shorts.  It’s an easy way to look extra comfy and relaxed in style with an edge!

·        Summer has never been this sizzling with elongated shorts.  The cuff shorts is a young man’s fashion companion for a day in the beach, the pool or simply hanging out in the beach bar.   Time to style up this summer and show off the sexy bachelor in you!
·        What girl can resist a sailor?  Sail away this summer with these Nautical stripes and command authority in true casual comfort.  Hit the beach or the mall and keep it fresh by pairing your stripes with some jeans or chinos rolled up just below the ankle or with a knee length shorts to complete your maritime look!

Shop now at Tomato and don't miss this collection!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The So Called Short Love Story Part Three

Oh my God. So sorry for the delay, I am such a bad blogger. So much things been going on my life - manual driving lessons (yeah, gotta learn the hard way), got a legit job (yes, I will start paying taxes soon), school work (fun and chill work except physics) and so much more events.

But as promised, I will be posting things about this so called "love life" of mine. So are you ready for part three? Well here we go!

Cayangan Lake, so beautiful here! Must visit!

Kuya grilling our lunch on the boat

Our very lovely Filipino lunch! So good, he fell in love with liempo

View from our nipa hut just above the water!

I know this post seems boring but hey at least there are pictures. Haha!

To be continued...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kate Havnevik

Are you an Imogen Heap & Frou Frou fan? Do you like their music? Do you miss them? Do you want to hear something new from them? Well I do. Although, I am not sure if Imogen Heap created new songs recently, I have found a great substitute for this. Okay, the word substitute is not good but maybe it would help us satisfy our cravings for Heap's music... and the answer? Kate Havnevik!

This is the only decent video that I found, but still annoyed with the slideshow and all that. Haha! However, this is one of my favorite songs from her second album. 

This track is more sensual than the one in the album. I like it in both ways

Now, before you go all "She copied Imogen Heap" majigger: She's a friend of Imogen's so... yeah. It's good! It's great! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Calling all senior students!

Before you bid farewell to each other and to your beloved alma mater, it would be great to have one last bash you will all remember.

So join us as we bring you this graduation shindig that you don't want to miss!  

Ticket: Php 300 with 3 shots: Jose cuervo Gold, Midori and Evan Williams

Buy some tickets and you might just get a chance to win a fashion workshop worth 15K courtesy of SoFA Manila! 

For Tickets and Table Reservations --> Lian Martin 

email: / 09165552573 


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Buzz Buzz

So I have been terribly busy with school. Even though I have a pretty chill schedule, I'm still a little bit stressed with work but the good thing is, I am having fun. In order to survive college, you have to love what you are doing. It's the same with work and everything. However, if it gives you tons of cash or other benefits and you're not having fun, then I guess that's okay too.

What's been interesting this week was the go see that we had for our Fashion Promotion class. It was tiring yet fun, we got to meet different models and they "auditioned" to be part of our fashion show as our final exam. I will keep you guys posted about that.

Anyway, what they did was pose for the camera, got their height and body measurements and we made them walk. So happy that around 39 models came to the go see. Kudos classmates, kudos!

I also started going to the gym with Bengt and it's a great feeling that I actually had the chance to move my body more. Yeah, stay healthy... blah~

I've been addicted to a Facebook game called Magic Land. It's awesome.

And of course, I terribly miss my boyfriend. I seriously do. Long distance is really hard but come on, we've been doing this for 2 years already so it's pretty normal I guess. Good thing school is distracting me from being all depressed and shit.

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Very First YSL

Oh hey everyone, so remember I won the contest in Shoephoric? Well I would just like to thank again to those who helped me win, I love you guys. I am really happy that I finally got these babies (weeks ago), HOWEVER: I have to pay freaking 12,400+ for tax. WTF. 

First of all, I just turned freaking 18
Second, I don't have a job
Third, It's not like I'm going to ask my parents for 12k just for this shit, a beautiful shit

Luckily, they told me I can pay anytime. I said I will pay around April~ I'm like okay I will die since I will have to starve everyday of my life and not spend any of my allowance.

p.s. I was notified that I will pay such tax, so stop hating :) Sayonara bitch x