Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The So Called Short Love Story Part Three

Oh my God. So sorry for the delay, I am such a bad blogger. So much things been going on my life - manual driving lessons (yeah, gotta learn the hard way), got a legit job (yes, I will start paying taxes soon), school work (fun and chill work except physics) and so much more events.

But as promised, I will be posting things about this so called "love life" of mine. So are you ready for part three? Well here we go!

Cayangan Lake, so beautiful here! Must visit!

Kuya grilling our lunch on the boat

Our very lovely Filipino lunch! So good, he fell in love with liempo

View from our nipa hut just above the water!

I know this post seems boring but hey at least there are pictures. Haha!

To be continued...