Monday, March 5, 2012

My Very First YSL

Oh hey everyone, so remember I won the contest in Shoephoric? Well I would just like to thank again to those who helped me win, I love you guys. I am really happy that I finally got these babies (weeks ago), HOWEVER: I have to pay freaking 12,400+ for tax. WTF. 

First of all, I just turned freaking 18
Second, I don't have a job
Third, It's not like I'm going to ask my parents for 12k just for this shit, a beautiful shit

Luckily, they told me I can pay anytime. I said I will pay around April~ I'm like okay I will die since I will have to starve everyday of my life and not spend any of my allowance.

p.s. I was notified that I will pay such tax, so stop hating :) Sayonara bitch x