Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kate Havnevik

Are you an Imogen Heap & Frou Frou fan? Do you like their music? Do you miss them? Do you want to hear something new from them? Well I do. Although, I am not sure if Imogen Heap created new songs recently, I have found a great substitute for this. Okay, the word substitute is not good but maybe it would help us satisfy our cravings for Heap's music... and the answer? Kate Havnevik!

This is the only decent video that I found, but still annoyed with the slideshow and all that. Haha! However, this is one of my favorite songs from her second album. 

This track is more sensual than the one in the album. I like it in both ways

Now, before you go all "She copied Imogen Heap" majigger: She's a friend of Imogen's so... yeah. It's good! It's great!