Saturday, April 30, 2011

Backstage Pass at the Fashion Watch 2011 Holiday Collection: Len Nepomuceno

Prepare for a heavy photo blog post. I am so serious.
All pictures were taken by moi

Working Outfit: Sheer top - H&M, Black tank top - Alex's, Shorts - Forever 21, Ring - Forever21

It was a very good experience to be part of this show. As an intern, I learned tons of things. I am very blessed to have this kind of opportunity in my life at this very young age. I truly belong in this world, this crazy beautiful world of fashion. Hope to work again soon! ;)

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Friday, April 29, 2011


Finally organized my clothing rack, black & white hangers. However, I am really opting for the wooden hangers, they are a beauty!

Also last month, I bought two beautiful "colorful" pieces that I super love. Perfect for spring! (kahit na Summer dito sa Pilipinas)

Sheer top (sheer tops are my thing these past few months); I like hot the cut in front is shorter than the back. Amazing top.

Bandage skirt - OOOOH just noticed the thread hanging out there

That top + the skirt = COLOR BLOCKING.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Personal Thought

Something has been bugging me these past few days. I can't even barely understand myself and I'm just getting tired of it. This chance is supposed to excite me...excite me beyond all excitement. But no, I can't even try to make myself happy. Things are just messed up. I don't even know what to feel anymore.

I try to run away from it. I make myself enjoy every single bit of my days. I am now in a place that I know would make me happy just to help escape from it for a while. Still the feeling is there.

I just want to hug everyone right now.


Alam niyo ba yung pakiramdam ng hindi mo ma-ilabas dahil sobrang nasasaktan ka na? Sa totoo lang, I'm very weak. Mahina talaga ako sa mga ganitong pakiramdam. Nakakainissss. Pero shet lang, enjoy nalang. chill nalang.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey everybody, I am selling my pre-loved items that are too big for me and that just doesn't suit me. I am also selling the items I barely use so... BUY BUY!

x Please email me at - on the subject area please indicate the item number
x Payment - BDO only.
x Once you email me, considered SOLD. So think WISELY.
x Courier - Air21 (there's shipping fee)
x You should pay 2 days after the reservation & I will be sending the item after 1-3 days after the payment is settled.

Item: 001
Forever 21
In perfect condition, only used once
Php 200


Fit to size S-M
Php 280



Item: 003
Fit to size - S-M (almost like free size)
Php 250


Item: 004
Fit to size M
Php 300
Can be worn as a top if you are size S, like what I did to my best friend Lauren for a shoot for my project




Item: 005
Forever 21
Php 250

Item: 006
Php 250

Item: 007
Fit to size M
Php 100

Item: 008
Fits to sizes M-L
Php 150