Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hall Pass Night

My friends and I watched the movie Hall Pass last night at Eastwood and I think its a good movie. It was funny, there were bunch of hot guys in it and.... yeah, there were bunch of hot guys in it. I was actually surprised that the movie ticket was 200, ok, I wasn't THAT surprised! I already had a clue that it will be around 180 or something. Honestly, I haven't been to the cinemas since last year! Well I have my own reasons - first, ITS A WASTE OF MONEY. Why spend money watching a movie if you can spend it on clothes, shoes or food? And besides, you can download it online and the nice sexy time scenes will not be cut! second, its another waste of money - if you don't have a car, you spend half of your money on cab to go to the cinema and the other half to go back home. Think of it, that taxi cab can go a long way! Like a new necklace from Forever21 or to buy winkwink or Starbucks! However, I only agreed on going because of my friends. I wanted to see them and I missed them very much! And I wouldn't mind spending so much just to see them. Wehhh, there's like that?! I mean, memories and those bonding moments are priceless!
Alex Quevedo
Tj Syhap
The photobomber, Victor Young, and I
Vic, Me, Micah Brown and Javier Manlongat behind

Victor, Me, Javier, Tj, Alex and Micah
With Lauren

Lauren Young

What I wore:

Top - Forever21, Tights - Forever21, Shorts - Forever 21, Flats - Zara, Bag - Thrifted and Necklace - bazaar
I just chose laid-back pieces since it's only a movie night. How ironic, I was wearing very winter-ish clothes and yet its summer. Weather is weird these days...