Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coachella Rockwell Bazaar Finds

Last Saturday, I went to the Coachella Bazaar at Rockwell with the SoFA girls and found some great things that are not over the budget! Yes, I've been feeling like a Becky Bloomwood these days and sometimes I feel so helpless! For example, I want to buy this super nice shoes and I can't do anything because I'm... *gulp* kind of broke. But however, I still managed to buy a few items that I really really like.

A pussy bottle cap ring and a two hole owl ring

Feather earring

A mustache necklace

Amazing necklace from Peace Love Fashion

A sheer top

& a sheer jumpsuit from Peace Love Fashion

I was actually planning to buy a bag and found some really good ones... but then, like what I said - not within my budget! That's make me a bit sad and makes me to buy unnecessary items. Compulsive shopping much? But whatever, I am happy with the things I bought.

So Rafael and I have been talking about doing a garage sale and I really think its a good idea to cure my Becky Bloomwood syndrome! So I am planning to do it as well + a closet sale here in my blog! Don't worry, the prices will be ULTRA cheap! So watch out soon!