Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wallets from Vietnam for SALE at FASHIONDIME

Calling out wallet lovers, hipsters, indie kids, bohemians, pasalubong hoarders, tribal loving people, backpackers and JUST EVERYONE!

Fashion Dime is selling these amazing hand embroidery wallets from Vietnam that are made out of silk.
I've seen them in person and they're simply amazing! 

Super benta ito to the foreigners. I swear. My friend, Alex, who was also with me during the trip bought one for herself (different design though but same type of wallet)

while I bought a case so I can use it for my pens, pencils and etc. for school

Same material, same country, same everything!!!

So why not buy your own wallet with an amazing print?!
Come on, it's only PHP380!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look! They come in different colors which I truly love!

Take note: only 1 stock per color so if I were you, I would get one before maubusan ka
Much better if you get tons of it and give it away to your friends, mothers, tita's, mother-in-law, soon-to-be-mother-in-law, girlfriend or anyone who you think deserve this beautiful handmade wallets!

Did you know that most of the people made this wallets in Vietnam are handicapped? Yup, true story. So if I were you, buy one to help them. We did our part, so you should too!

BUY NOW AT FASHION DIME! You won't regret it, TRUST ME, I've seen them ;)