Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today I wore...

Dress - Possibility, Cover-up - from Vietnam, Flats - My mother's own

It's hard to take pictures of yourself if you don't have a tripod and when you're alone the whole day. I could have went to my usual spot at the dirty kitchen and take my usual self-timer photos, but I got home late afternoon already. 

Meaning, there's no sun. No natural night. Boohoooo~

I went to Greenbelt for a while and did some errands. I bought stuff for school and some stuff for mom.

I'm so stressed, I did some of my Fashion Illustration stuff today. 2 more projects to go.
I need to start on our Marketing presentation and I need to look for a boy again to bring for pattern class.
And Sewing? Oh. that. yeah.

Oh what a bliss. I just want to lay down and read my book :(