Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Since I've been busy with finals, I will just keep on posting diary entries to update you all with my life. I am currently just taking a break while I finish my Fillus (fashion illustration) projects so I can pass them all tomorrow. Yeah, procrastination at it's best. Pretty chill since I'm just mixing colors and paint it on paper.

I haven't been really sleeping since I have to finish tons of stuff and I have to pass em' all by Friday. I think I can make it, I have to. I really don't want to repeat a subject, cause if I did then I will be a bit delayed.

Oh and this morning, Jeroen and I already bought our plane tickets to Palawan!!! We are so excited! I am thrilled to see that wonderful place since I haven't been there before. I would love to go island hopping and try out those lovely hot springs!

And we also have to try hiking because of this

Kayangan Lake

(source - click on image)

So beautiful, huh? And it this lake is also known as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. Awesome, can I drink from it? Hahaha!

And I really have to go scuba diving, I actually have a license from Padi. I am a certified scuba diver since I was 12 or 13 ;)

It is always exciting to explore new places especially the ones in your own country. I still have a long list of places to go to in the Philippines -

Batanes, Sagada, Bukidnon, Camrines Sur, Boracay and so on...

Lucky enough, I have been to wonderful countries at a young age -

Beijing, China (Great Wall of China and Forbidden City ftw!), Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong

I have been to Taiwan... but I didn't see it because I was still in my mommy's tummy! Hahahaha!

However, it is best to explore your country first. So if I were you, you should explore these amazing places in the Philippines before you plan on going to other countries.

Though, I can't really wait to get to Europe someday :)

How about you? Which countries have you been to? or share me your experiences with some of the places here in the Philippines!