Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Small Reunion

As you all know I'm a freshman at college, well not just an ordinary but a fashion school. You may all think that fashion school is easy - just dealing with clothes and all that. But no, there is more a deeper meaning than that. Like any other universities, we also deal with heaps of work that will mentally drain you. You learn different topics in a day and you'd have to work with activities and apply them with what the prof have taught you.

OKAY LONG STORY SHORT - COLLEGE STUFF IS EATING MY SOCIAL LIFE. It's okay though, I've learned to know my priorities and I'm happy with what I am doing. But I am happy as well that I found time to see my friends! It was a good night to catch up, talk about college with the college kids, Candymag x Garage shoot of someone and Lo's beautiful and good news. I'm happy for all of us!

Haggard me and Tj Syhap

(L-R) Alex, Gian, Me, Victor

Alex Quevedo and I

Haggard me and Javier Manlongat

Micah Brown

(L-R) Me, Micah, Tj, Javier, Lauren and Alex

Lauren Young

Javier Manlongat

I freaking love Moon Leaf!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Lex for introducing me it!

(L-R) Tj, Alex and Gian