Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Little Big Spender Strikes Again and Again and Again!

Happy day for me as I already purchased the dress that I've been wanting since last week! My papa finally let me use Cici for this and !@#$%^&* never been THIS happy for the past... uh, one day? Last Saturday I went to the shop, fit the dress, then realized it was a bit tight but then damn, I looked thinner! So I called papa and asked permission if I could buy it but then he said NO because he thought I've been buying things already, which is not true. I haven't really shopped in a while and I desperately need new clothes for the incoming term. 

(HOWEVER, I managed to lose weight in days and the dress fits PERFECT. Not tight anymore! YAY.)

I was a bit sad when he didn't approve it, but then I understood it like a big girl (ditching the spoiled whining girl peg) I was actually been thinking about this dress for the whole night when I got home from the mall. Thinking that it really looked good on me and that it was just perfect. 

Then todaaaaaaaaaaaaay is my lucky day! JACKPOT! Called papa AGAIN & asked if the dress is still there, is it okay if could buy it. He said, YES but UNDER ONE CONDITION... cannot use the credit card next month. DUN DUNN DUNNNNNNN! 

Of course, I agreed to it. It is just for one month, I can live with that. I think. And besides, it is time for me to start saving up because I am actually saving up for my pocket money to my trip to Vietnam this Christmas with my best friend, Alex! We're actually going to spend Christmas there together! And I love Vietnam! The shopping is good and cheap. 

Back to the dress, this is it. One of the best dresses in my rack. LBD FTW. I love the middle part where it has a hole that is shaped like lips, I think its very sexy.  Basta, I love this dress. I LOOOOOOVE LOOOOVE this dress! 

Also on my way to the shop, I was scared that someone might have purchased it already since it is the last piece. Thank God, when I got there, it was still there! And the other dress which was white, was already gone. OH THANK GOD. It really is for me! Kus! 

Also, forgot to post about these lovely accessories from my Mi Bello, Cheska, who got it for me from Italia! Grazie mi amore!