Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mini Heart Attack Right Here.

Anyone of you remember one of my posts about falling in love with a coat worth 8,000+ from Zara? Well,if you haven't, please read this post before you continue reading this one! 

Anyway, one evening while I was home online and my boyfriend was out with his friends (oh by the way, I'm in a long distance relationship). I was on twitter, as usual TWEETING, then he IM's me and suddenly he goes, "Ooooeh, guess where I am" and I actually forgot what I answered but then eventually he told me he was in Zara.

When he said Zara, my heart suddenly jumped. He then said, "I am seeing a certain coat here." My heart stopped for a bit. And I just went a bit crazy. If you were on twitter that night, you would know the story. I was tweeting in tagalog and becky language about it!

Days after that, he was telling me like he was eyeing on a certain item in Zara blah blah. The first time this all Zara thing with him, I thought he was going to really get it for me but then I doubted. BUT when he started asking for my measurements. Haha. Ayan na. Alam mo na. Pa-deny deny pa si Jeroen na waley lang daw at curious lang siya about my measurements in general but then he kept on asking me about COAT sizes. Naloka aketch, at fail ang pagiging-secret niya. But then, he is still the best.

I never really blogged about him at all here and I think this is actually the first time I am going to reveal his face here. Well here you go.... 

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa! The boyfriend and THE COAT. OMG I DIE. It is so pretty! And I just can't wait to have them two in my arms soon! Well the coat will come here earlier than him, hehe. 

Isn't he the best guy ever? I mean, yes this relationship is not perfect because we are so far away from each other but then despite of that... you will never ever meet someone like this guy right here and that is not because he bought me this coat! Not all guys are the same, of course there are also guys who would to these to their girlfriends to make them happy. Of course, these guys will do anything to make their girl happy. Kudos to the guys like this! And also to us girls who would give anything to their guys that even will cost us more than 10,000 just to make them happy! Haha. Enough.

Despite our age difference, we do get along ALOT. Sometimes we are mature, sometimes we're immature. It is not that type of relationship that is tedious and boring. The only thing is tedious is that we just video chat and shit like that. But damn, we've gone a long way & still working this thing out. 

BLAH BLAH. Enough about all the cheesy stuff. BOOM. Still cannot believe that I will have this baby soon, never thought in my life that I will. YAY.