Wednesday, May 9, 2012


My life has been a little dull lately. I absolutely didn't plan any interesting for this summer which is quite odd! All I do is: eat, sleep, work, watch Daria and some other interesting TV shows. I'm pretty much tied up with work which is both good and bad. The good thing about is I earn money and I'm doing something good for people. The con side is that I won't able to travel as much as I can. No work = no money. Bummer.

All day long I look at pictures of places that I want to go to. It gives me this certain happy feeling and motivates me to work even more. The more money I get to save the more places I would be able to visit. Who says money can't buy happiness?

Money can get you to places you can never imagine. I swear to God, I think I am making sense here right now. I don't even really know what I'm talking about. I am just typing a bunch of words.

Holy crap, I seriously need to sit down and read a book.


Upcoming Travels for Inna Santiago as of today
(Approved by her awesome boyfriend because they made a rule that they won't travel without each other)

July 2012

Tugegarao City, Philippines

December 2012

Boracay, Philippines
Corregidor, Philippines
Tagaytay, Philippines

April 2013


December 2013


I wrote this down here so I will be more motivated whenever I see this.