Sunday, February 26, 2012

The So Called Short Love Story Part One

Wow, I haven't been on this blog for so long. Really long. I kinda miss it, I kinda do not. I am only writing here because I feel like I need to. I feel like this blog would be such a waste if I just abandon it because this blog have reached something. I pretty much grew up with this blog, I have learned and experienced so much and this blog has been there for me. So I guess I am still going to hold on a bit longer.

So how are you all? Me? I'm good, just good. I seriously miss my boyfriend. Oh, if you didn't know... he arrived here in the Philippines!

The day that I fetched him was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. The feeling was just great and at the same time nerve-wracking, I was really nervous, shy and happy at the same time. Also it was so weird to see him right in front of me, and damn he was so white. No joke. He was so white. Well yeah I do know his skin color is white, but he was really really damn white & he blames the winter season for it.

So this is our legit photo together, he looked so tired and yeah, cute. Looked like he cried, huh? Well no, he didn't. 

Oh, height difference. At first it was still awkward in a way but eventually we both got used to each other. It was awesome how the awkwardness just lasted for like 5 minutes and that's it, then the rest is just the normal us.

Then on the day of my birthday, we both left for Coron, Palawan right after my Fashion Promotion class.

It was so cute, he sat in! 

Lunch at Yellow Cab just before our flight

Little Little Plane

He's such a beautiful boy, okay not to be cheesy and shit but I am so lucky to have him. He's the kindest, open-minded and awesome guy I've ever had in my life. He really took good care of me while he was here and if you were in my place in those 3 weeks, you'd feel as if you are the luckiest girl in the world.

He is the person who would you look up to, he may not show that side of him to others but how he showed me his enthusiasm and zest for life is inspiring. I love this guy, I truly love this guy. 

His beautiful eye

To be continued...