Monday, July 9, 2012

Applying for a Taiwan Tourist Visa in the Philippines

A couple of days ago my application for a Taiwan tourist visa got approved! I am so thrilled and excited for I will be travelling alone and see some of my friends who live in Taiwan. Also, this was my first time to fix my application and gather everything I need for a visa. I was the one who also went there to pass all the documents that I need.

So you plan to go to Taiwan? If this is your first time to go there without a Schengen, American, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand & U.K. Visa then you will have to do & need the following:

·                     2pcs. Passport size pictures white background (must be latest with in 1 year) with receipt
·                     Passport Valid at least six months (original)
·                     NSO Authenticate birth certificate (original)
·                     Bank certificate saving account (original) at least 50k up with receipt/waiver/debit
·                     If  employed, employment certificate with employer signature (original) (w/in the month of filing, cert. dated)
·                     If has business, business name latest and valid (photocopy)
·                     Latest and valid ITR (photocopy)
·                     Application form fully filled up in
·                     Old passport (all ages) if no Taiwan visa in new Passport
·                     Authenticate marriage contract of parents if child/married (photocopy)
·                     Xerox ID student (below 18)
·                     Valid Company ID clear photocopy (if employed)

for more needed requirements please go to the TECO's website 

Since I am only 18 years old, not employed and single I only need to gather a handful documents from the requirements such as: 2pcs. passport size pictures, a passport valid at least six months (original), NSO Authenticate birth certificate (original) (have photocopies too), a bank certificate saving account (original) at least 50k up with receipt/waiver/debit (if you don't have an account you may use one of your parents' account), a xerox copy of your parent's passport who you used for the bank certificate savings account, application form (please see above for reference), old passports and your university/school ID.

I blurred so much for security purposes. And I just have to blur my picture because it just looks so bad!

After gathering all of your requirements, go straight to TECO's office at 41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City between 8:45AM to 11:45AM Monday to Friday except holidays.

When you arrive RCBC, go straight to the reception area and get your number for the filling period of your visa and to give a valid ID too (driver's license, etc.) . Go up to the 41st floor and wait for your number to be called. After your number is called, you will pass all your stuff on a certain counter. Then, you will have to wait again for your name to be called by the cashier to pay for the fee. I paid Php2,400 which is regular so I would have to wait for 3 days.

After paying, you will get a receipt and keep it because you will need it once your passport is released. 

On the releasing day, go straight to the courtyard area in RCBC (where the statues are) by 1:45PM and a TECO representative will call all the applicants' names one by one for them to give your number. Once you get your number, go to the reception area again to give a valid ID then you can just go straight ahead in the office. 

Same procedure as the filling part... blah blah blah. Once you get passport then you're done! However, in my case I was told that I will have an interview with the consul! So I had to wait til 4PM and boy, I was so nervous! But then everything went well :-)

After the interview, wait for your name to be called again to get your passport. I had to wait again and had a little chat with some OFWs who are waiting for their visas too. It was actually nice listening to their stories when they are in Taiwan.

So when was my name was I called, I got my passport and saw my visa! Finally relieved. Time to lose all the weight and prepare my tummy for some Taiwanese food! 

Welcome to my own version of Eat, Pray, Love. Updates soon!