Sunday, July 8, 2012


Wow this is crazy. I haven't blogged for so long and yet I think I have so much time in the world to do so. I haven't been really loyal to you all and I apologize for that. It's just that there were so much interesting things that happened, and blogging about them isn't just part of my list. Now that I feel inspired again to share my stories and all hoping that this will go on in the long run like before.

School started and meh, I've been busy just living my life. I am having too much fun and my motto for the past few months is "You only live once." YOLO for short.

There was Eurocup which was the highlight for the month of June and it's been crazy. Really crazy. I would go to school with no sleep and sometimes I wouldn't have the energy to do my part-time job at night. Though I didn't earn so much for last month, it was worth it. I had fun. I love football. I love my friends. I love the fans. I love everything about it.

I supported the countries Netherlands (of course), Germany, France and Spain. I've met new friends also - two French-Canadians who are in the Philippines for their thesis. They're such interesting and smart people. I also met their Indian friends who are also here for their thesis (I think). They're from New Delhi and wow, this is the first time I've met super cool Indians. I haven't seen this side ever since I had an idea who Indians are and it's crazy. I love their company.

There will be more things that'll happen in the near future. For sure, I am going to update you all about it.