Saturday, June 8, 2013

SUMMER 2013 Part One

In 2 days my best summer of my 19 years of existence is about to end. I remember back I was in grade school, teachers would ask us about what was the best thing happened during our summer. I would always write about things like: swimming in the beach, hanging out with my friends, sleepovers and probably tennis lessons.

When I reached high school, I did the same things minus tennis lessons. I've positively done more cooler things compared during grade school. Added it up with a nice road trip, camping out, and drinks by the bonfire. I cannot exactly recall all the things I did during summer of 0'12, 0'11 and so on - and that's okay.

Summer 2013 is beyond different. It is or was, something like the chick flick movies I've watched with my friends. It may sound cliche but just like the supposedly summers girls like my age should experience I have - partied wildly, got darker, watched the sunset (passed out all the time just a few minutes before sunrise), surrounded by awesome friends, great conversations and fallen in love. I cannot contain the overjoy flowing inside my mind and body that this all happened in a month. Funny how it felt like 2 months or so, when you are supposed to feel that time went by so fast because you're having fun? To me it felt like forever because I loved every minute of it. I've never felt so alive.

I would say my summer basically started out on a random night with a couple of good friends and some strangers in our good ol' favorite restaurant in town. I actually forgot why we decided to meet-up that night when there was nothing so special about it. I feel like it was one of those separation anxiety moments between Trish, Tiffany and I that came up with the plan. Until just now as I remember, the night was supposedly for a friend of ours who I was hosting. We wanted to bring him out for dinner and drinks until he left earlier than we thought.

For some reason I felt like inviting more people, then I decided to go on the CS website to see any travelers who are willing to join us for the night. As I was browsing through the conversations, I stumbled upon a thread posted by a guy from Lithuania who was looking for people to hang with. I invited him in a heartbeat and actually was enthusiastic to have him with us for the night.

As the night started out, we were all sitting comfortably in our chairs talking about things that I don't even remember and probably drooling over Tiffany's boyfriend who by the way is everyone's crush. Martin totally earned the "Crush ng Bayan" award. Kudos.

As the night was progressively doing well, a tall, blonde-ish guy walks in. Nuki, turns to me, "He's here!" and, as one of the hosts, I stood up and invited him to our table. He looked pretty handsome with those big eyes, amazingly small lips with a very well built body and incredibly height I'd die for. At the first half, I was stuck sitting next to a guy that I don't even want or bother to talk since I've never had some spectacular interest on him to begin with. Good thing, Nuki, Gray and and their German friend, Yasha was there to entertain Saulius while I die inside sitting down feeling of regret. 

On the second half, I stood up again finally manning up (is that even a word?) and told Nuki to switch seats with me so I can have a proper talk with Saulius and Yasha. I was having an actually interesting conversation with these two guys until Trish and Tiffany whispered to me to go back to my original seat as they observed the guy was pretty bored. Fuck, I thought. I excused myself and went back to my seat of death. 

That night we talked about our upcoming unexpected Boracay trip which I've only found out I was a going a day or two before this night. Guess who was also going? That cute Lithuanian guy, Saulius, of course. Sadly, I have also invited THAT other guy to come to Boracay as well.

It was funny how mostly everyone in that table just decided to come to Boracay on the same days we already booked and came up with this funny video over here

(Upper L-R) Martin, Tiffany, Saulius, Miguel, Yasha | (Lower L-R) Me, Trish and Gray

In the next few 30 minutes or so, we decided to go back to our homes and get a good night of sleep. However, my night did not end just yet - this guy who I was complaining about in my head during the whole night and I had to talk. Irritatingly, he came up with a so called "good plan" that we should be together. I totally opposed to that idea, who would be stupid enough to say yes to a person you barely even know? Or even ask someone to be their fucking girlfriend who you have just me for 2 days! The night ended up bad with him, and on my side I felt relieved. 

The next night, Tiffany, Martin, Nuki and I decided to go out again. We have decided to go to 121 Bar in Pasong Tamo to celebrate Nuki's friend's birthday. It was some kind of a talent show night where I'd only probably see people do it in Cubao X. I was still pestered over what happened the night before that guy and I. Apparently, Tiffany told me that he has decided not to go to Boracay anymore. Good. God I'm such a bitch.

Later on, I received a message from Saulius asking what we're up tonight. Basically, I actually didn't know what were really going to do after the talent show, so we just told him that we're all going to this international party in Mandaluyong, which we actually did. 

The party was just about to end when we arrived, there were not much alcohol and sodas left and all we got was awesome glow in the dark sticks which turned to be bracelets and eventually handcuffs in Saulius and I's case. The night was doing really well for me, until the party officially died down and we had to move to another place. It was just too early to end a Saturday night. 

I think this post is too long if I still continue, the best part is yet to come. 

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