Sunday, August 14, 2011

Les prédateurs

Something has been bothering me lately.

Have you been to Greenbelt lately? If yes, I am sure you see these "people" around. These "people" who are dressed up in daisy duke shorts, tank tops with an annoying print or some kind of beadings on it and tsinelas. Oh, don't forget the cheap looking make-up on their face and that small purse they carry around. I call them the predators.
These predators are mostly spotted in the garden-ish area just right in front of Greenbelt 3. You see them sitting outside by the green benches in front of Starbucks, some in the dark behind the trees, of course, a specific cafe beside Starbucks and a few in Seattle's Best.

It is very obvious what their motives are. Freaking A! There's this one tranny that I saw last friday, he-she is wearing some kind of fishnet red top, a pants and slippers. So jologs. Sorry nakakainis lang!

I mean, this mall is one of the nicest malls in the Philippines. Tourists, businessmen and locals go there! Even the jejemons! and then we see these PREDATORS flocking around being all i don't know, papansin to their freaking preys.

All they do there is just, order a drink or two, wait for their preys to go to them and just look around. Wot tehhh fockkkkk
And I had some experience with them last Friday as well, I went to the bathroom on the second floor, then damn. The bathroom is filled with these predators putting make-up on and singing loudly and stuff. Pucha, ano ito? Go go club?

Before you contradict me, yes I understand their freedom to parade around our lovely mall blah blah blah blah yada yada. Whatever, I don't care. (BUT. It's kind of fun to watch them because they don't get any preys a lot and I like it when they look at me cause I'm wearing a nice awesome outfit)

I have a message for these girls: If you want a foreigner na papatol sayo, go online. It's easier for you, ok? If gusto mo, harap harapan na at may action na kayo agad, go to a place like Makati Ave. or somewhere in Manila. Or go to a freaking club! Nasa mall kayo, do you expect that something flirtatious will happen agad? The mall is such an inappropriate place to be all slutty. (Unless you drink at this certain cafe and other restaurants, meh. Keribells nalang, I guess.)

But whatever. They're irritating me.