Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yummy Wednesdays IV

Yesterday was another Yummy Wednesdays with Die! We went for Korean, le ultimate favorite.

Korea Garden Restaurant at Jupiter St!

We ordered the Korean dinner for 2, and I must say, it's yummy! The ambiance is o-kay, kind of a typical Korean home? I don't know, well from what I see from TV dramas and movies. Service is good as well!

Top - Zara, Leather Jacket - Thrifted, Skirt - Frou Frou, Bag - Thrifted, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace - House of Ferosh

Asking why TOPMAN? Well, just finished shopping for my le boyfriend's birthday presents! YES, I am very excited to send my gifts to him! I'm a happy happy proud girlfriend, I mean he's been such a good boy ;) I hope. And he is like the first boyfriend that I am spoiling! And he deserves all these amazing presents!

YOU ARE GONNA BE SO HOT IN THESE MIJN JONGEN :) Now, who wants me to be their girlfriend? CHOS!!!