Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to My Life, Cici!

It was a good day today for me, and why is that? My very first credit card already arrived! Thanks to my amazing and loving father who wanted to give me one, I am now legit to be named - THE LITTLE BIG SPENDER. More reasons to call me one! Haha! And since I am very much in love with my new baby, I already named it! I call it Cici which is pronounced "Si-Si".

I feel very blessed because not all young ladies like me have one, and I am HONORED that my papa thinks I am responsible enough. Okay okay, I know what you're thinking! Since I have my Cici, I am in the position to pull a Veronica Lodge. Excuse me, I don't want to end up like a Becky Bloomwood and don't want my dad to to have Hiram Lodge's temper whenever he sees Veronica's credit card bills.

Numero uno rule: Always call my papa whenever I use it. Yup, he told me to do that. A bit hard to do, but then I think its fair so I can control my spending.

My papa is very happy for me because I'm happy. And fathers just love it whenever they make their daughters happy. It has this amazing feeling inside them that they have done a great job making us happy. I laughed the fact that papa was telling me that I must feel some kind of powerful now that I have this. He is right, I do kinda feel powerful. Hahaha!

Another rule: Can only be used once a month. BITTER AKO DITO, PERO OKAY LANG.

And you know what I did today? Well duh, I already used it!!!! I wanted to see if its already "activated"

I went to The Ramp in Glorietta because I have always been wanting to go back there. I really like that place, it has unique pieces and it is super affordable!

I got this ORANGE sheer cover up from Pill Clothing & Footwear. Finally, an orange piece in my rack! Well I have this orange KNVB shirt that Mom 2 bought during World Cup, but that doesn't count! I never really liked orange before but now I am starting to like it. However, I willl not be obsessed to it like my big sister.

And this awesomesauce black dress from Eight.One. Another awesome find. Those drapings by the way are tulle.

There is a reason why I bought the dress - *cough* Friend's 21st birthday next Friday *cough*

I feel happy that I didn't spend that much on my first shopping adventure with Cici! And I had this happy feeling the moment when they just swiped my card and the fact I didn't need to take out cash (I'm kinda broke. Long story.)