Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Planner

Top - Thrifted, Pants - given by Aunt, Blazer - Thrifted, Feather Necklace - Penshoppe, Rings - Forever 21, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell So Much

I was just thinking about my future this afternoon. Well, I always do. However, what I was thinking was much deeper. Last weekend, I had a talk with one of my good friends, Victor, about my life after college. I told him that I already have a plan. My plan is to move to Europe after college, get a job in a fashion magazine, save up all that money, study masters and work again. Then, he told me that I should have a plan B, C D and E just for back-up just in case Plan A don't work out. Now, I am stuck. I haven’t thought of that honestly because to me if I plan I am sticking to that plan no matter what.
I am a bit excited to leave the Philippines (not that I hate my family, friends and the country) because I believe that this place is not where I ought to be. I feel like there is a better life FOR ME outside. Don’t get me wrong though, I am very happy where I am now and what I have. It’s hard to explain why I want to leave the Philippines and not live here forever, I just can’t live here.
But yeah, I will still plan out my “other plans”, its better to plan now than not to know what do in the future.
Haha, I am such a planner. I remember what an old friend told me before, “Don’t plan and just go with the flow”. Stupid me, I took his advice. It did work out good when I was in 9th grade, but then now that I’m in college I have a reason why not to follow that advice. I am the type of person who wants to have a direction in life, because if you don’t you would be clueless on what to do. You don’t know where and when to start. It’s all a blur. It’s chaotic. Not organize.
And another reason why I plan, it gets me excited. I love the excitement, I love that I have something to look forward to. I like dreaming especially if those dreams are great dreams. I have a reason to be happy when I’m sad, because in my head I know something good will happen in the future and I am always looking forward to it.