Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going Gaga for V x H&M

November is approaching soon and that specific month has always been so special to me. Why? It is the birthday month of my two beautiful best friends, Lauren and Alex and what makes it more special month this year is that they are both turning 18 next month! & I am very very excited for for them!

Also, Versace for H&M is coming out next month as well! & I am truly looking forward to it. I have been seeing pictures of some of the pieces of their collections already and I am eyeing on some of those beautiful dresses!

Dress 1 - white with gold embellished studs. very virgin ang peg! 

Dress 2 - Fuchsia also with gold embellished studs and chervaloo, keri na din but wit ko bet ang flower looking nagha-happening.

PAK NA PAK NA PAK. Ito. What chu think?

Metallic dress, very Paris Hilton lang! Bet ko din siya basta kasama ang hot na hot na backstreet boys na naka underwear sa pag purchase ko ha

So what do you think so far? What would YOU purchase? and which do you think fits me? Take the poll!!! 
Choose 2 answers if you must!