Friday, October 7, 2011

What To Wear On Your Internship

Being an intern is one of the most important stage before doing the real deal. You get heaps of work, you get bossed around and you will feel the stress and eventually look haggard. So what should you wear to be able to work properly and avoid looking sloppy?

Here are some tips for you!

1. Stylish yet COMFORTABLE

Comfortability is the key on getting your work done. We all know that. When you step into the office or any "sosyal" looking building (or not), you wear nice stilletos that you can walk with. Please, bring FLATS just in case your feet gives up on you or when your boss commands you to run errands for him/her. What if you are needed to go to divisoria because your boss would want you to buy some fabrics and other materials for his upcoming collection? Sure, you will go there by cab but then how about looking for the shops part? Now that is death for you physically, emotionally and maybe mentally. So bring FLATS all the time.

However, if you can't deal with stilletos but you are needed to wear shoes that will make you taller and professional, try wedges or platforms. That will do the trick!

And bring band-aids just in case you get bruises on your feet ;)

Please make sure that the clothes you wear will be a bit extra stylish especially when you are in the fashion industry. Who would want to hire someone to intern for them if that someone is efficient, trustworthy and etc. but then does not dress up well?

Always always remember, FIRST IMPRESSIONS are VERY IMPORTANT.  This tip works for all types  of internships, okay? Not just in the fashion industry. Work with class, baby.

 2. Do not wear daisy duke shorts or short-shorts. Unless you have a shoot at the beach, dessert or wherever that you will be needing a little less fabric on your body. But then again, still avoid it a bit. If you just feel like wearing it, why not pair it up with cute stockings, a decent top + blazer then nice flats. That will do the trick!

3. No plastic bra straps. If you think that is still IN, then you have to wake up. THEY ARE JUST A NO-NO! Why did I even bother putting this on the list?

4. Avoid showing off your bra or even those cute neon colored bra straps. It's just not so professional, but then if your boss is some kind of indie artist then maybe it is good. Make sure, your boss is comfortable with those type of clothing.

5. Avoid wearing g-string underwear. I'm serious. What if one day, out of conscience you wear low rise jeans, a g-string and a top that cannot cover under your hips; then you needed to get some piles of whatever on the floor... then.... and then... you know what happens.

6. Bring hair accessories - our precious hair can be annoying sometimes when we work right? So make sure bring those cute headbands, clips and ponytails!

7. Have to have a beautiful watch - time is gold guys. This will be hypocrite for me to say because I don't like wearing watches at all. I just don't like it. But for your sake, I will advice you to do it. So you won't be late, you won't bother someone asking for the time and also when your cellphone/iphone/ipad/laptop are all low on battery then you still have your watch to check the time.

8. Bring a small purse and a big bag. Small purse? Why? What if your boss just surprises you that you will be attending a last minute dinner/party with some important clients then you have your little purse to save your night from carrying a huge bag (NOT APPLICABLE FOR EVERYONE)

A good medium-large bag to be able to bring all the materials you need especially when you are STYLING.

9. Not over the top. Try a bit simple because you don't want to kabog or to outshine your boss. You just can't and you don't.

And of course, always wear a smile, confidence and good vibes when working! Good luck on your internships! :-)

Also additional tips and advice from some of my friends who are interns! :-)

Ann Li interning under Bang Pineda  -" Make sure you wear appropriate attire; fashionable yet comfy because being as an intern, you will need to walk A LOT, as in A LOT. So you must be comfy as possible but still add a little bit of fashion to it. And also an advice, try and try & grab all the opportunities out there " 

Rafael Ayuyao interning under Carlos Concepcion - "Dress in your comfort zone, but still stay stylish. especially when it comes to a styling job, where you will be moving around a lot.  simple but stand out! Always be prepared. have your tools(clamps, nipple tape, lint remover, masking tape, scissors, sewing kit etc) with you! keep even a few in your bag just in case! BE READY FOR ANYTHING"