Sunday, October 2, 2011


Last week, I had the chance to watch another documentary show about North Korea (watched one in high school) and it really got my interest. I really like these documentary shows especially if its about communism (I did a report on Mao Zedong before in high school) I like to know how people live their daily lives under the power of one strong ruler. We all know that Kim Jong-il is very popular as the supreme leader of North Korea and the son of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung which is also the "Eternal President".

It was a good documentary, it showed how people live there and it also showed the people who escaped and now are living their own lives in other places. This documentary shows the negative side of living there, it is indeed sad. Really sad.

They are living in a country where they cannot use the internet, they cannot communicate to people in other countries.

When foreign visitors visit, they cannot look at them/make eye contact or even talk to them. There are only a handful of people who can.

Though the people there really have skills, kids in a very very young age can already be pro at playing guitars and other stuff.

And another video made by Dutch filmmakers and won an award for Best Documentary in 2001 -International Emmy Award