Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meeting Mario Maurer

Yesterday, 10 winners, the media and etc. got the chance to see and kinda meet Mario Maurer in person at the grand opening of Bon Chon at Quezon City. It was a good experience though we didn't get the chance to have a picture with him (he was too tired and had other things to do. SORRY MY LOVES) or have a longer interaction since the manger is strict and so are the bodyguards. But wow, I had the chance to shake his hands, told me a few words such "Hi!" and "Sure" and that is good enough. You know?  Hahaha

Anyway, enjoy these photos!

He has the softest hands ever, Damn it!!! For a boy, ha.

Met some great new friends as well!

Hope to see you guys again x

Thank you Publicity Asia, Bon Chon and Penshoppe for a good afternoon

Anyway, today is the last day to vote for me to win YSL TRIB TOO SHOES. And of course, if you are really willing to help you will! And if you are a MARIO MAURER fan, ayan - there's pictures of him! Be motivated to vote for me na! :D

All you have to do is go to
Look for JC BABY under MOST LOVED then click LOVE

Easy as that! So go vote and I am sure you will make one less lonely YSL dreamer very very happy! I love you all xx

p.s. Will update more on Philippine Fashion Week posts later