Friday, October 28, 2011


Guess who is spotted in the first row during Arnold Galang, Gerry Katigbak and Jun Jun Cambe show next to the Preview magazine crew?

(photo source: tagged by a friend, here)

(photo source: Slyvia Park)

LOL! I feel such a Tavi Gevinson for the past few days! I'm not being mayabang or anything but it actually feels great and proud to be on the first row - and even though some of you may think that it is only Philippine Fashion Week... hey, we gotta start somewhere right? & PhilFW is amuhhzing!  Anyway, it's freaking crazy! I actually love it!!! Well duh you would love it too!!! Hahaha!!! 

Last night, I was seated again first row during the Triumph show and across was Divine Lee, Victor Basa and Jake Galvez. D & V were kind of looking at me and I bet they were like "Wtf who is this little girl?" Chos. And before the show started, I met this fun and friendly lady who is a freelance writer for Marie Claire London - and I gotta admit... I like her!!! She's full of life and just so enthusiastic with things. She even told me that I am her younger self! And I think I do believe that ;)  Triumph fashion show post will be posted soon!

AND! for the BIG BIG NEWS! 

Yay! Thank you everyone for all the support, really - thank you so much!!! I am very lucky to have you people in my life. Really, and to the ones who I don't know personally and have voted for me - thank you! you have no idea how you made one person so happy and lucky.

It has been such a busy busy week for me. I'm still thinking if I should attend the show later at 5:30 but right now I am just so tired. I think I will tell Pat to cover it for me if I can't make it. Hmmm...