Monday, May 9, 2011


So I've been bumming around at the Young's house for a while with Micah, Victor and Lauren for the past few days. All we do is eat, sleep, watch horror films (except for Lauren), play Rockband 3 and be on our laptops for the whole day. The only time we went out was when we felt like going to Bubble Tea and Starbucks with Javy Gil.

Speaking of horror films, I'm a big of the Asian ones because honestly they're way better than American ones and we all know that. So far we've watched Phobia, Phobia 2 & Noroi. And yes, I've watched Shutter, Coming Soon and the others already. Shutter is my favorite out of them all.

I've got nothing to share much because there are no interesting to share to you all. However I'd like to share two nice songs by Jesse Ruins. No, she's not mainstream and I love it.

I know most of all you don't listen to these type of songs. And I love these type of songs. Just so amazing. It has this dreamy feeling inside you and makes you feel like you want to float away in air. Yeah. That's it.

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