Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Pretty Dress for A Little Girl

Such an exciting day for me today because I know I will be receiving the package I ordered from Zoo today. When Zoo tweeted that their Oh Summer! 2011 collection is out, I immediately went to their site to check it out. Then on top of the list, I see "Sweetpea Floral Sweetheart Tulle Dress" and I couldn't help but say "I am going to get that, I am so going to get that" over and over again. And knowing me, I did! I ordered the brown one to avoid looking super girly.

I didn't worry much about the size since it's free-size and the length is just perfect. Just right above the knee for me (thank goodness!) Well since the model on their website is obviously taller than me and the dress is pretty short for her, I had this feeling that the length is just perfect for me.

Honestly, I feel pretty in it. Teehee Anyway, check out Zoo Shop's website HERE add their Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates! I really really love their shop and I can't wait to order again!

Oh by the way, I have another reason to be thrilled this June other than the out of the country trip with friends & seeing the boyfriend... and it is me having the most coveted shoes of every fashionista. I am not telling which shoes it is & you have to guess! By answering the poll which is located on the left side of this blog.

Click shoe names for image.

p.s. Still thinking if I should let people post comments on my blog.

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