Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random thoughts part two

photo source: some blog

Does anyone know where I can get these sunglasses or something similar to it? All I know is there's one from House of Harlow that I learned from Fashiontoast. The frames are just too thick for me, I want a thinner one just like in the picture.

And also, I am very looking forward to having one of the best things that I will ever have.

photo source: Le Boyfriend

Most of you guessed that I was getting the Jessica Simpson Dany - you're all wrong.

I am leaving my COMMENTS BOX on, just in case anyone of you knows where I can get those sunglasses.

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Alex said...

OMG I want! I need new sunnies!!! Your blog is awesome, bestfriend!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so underrated! You need more followers, you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

You're so beautiful! You're gonna be a famous blogger someday I bet. Just wait! It takes time to get a huge following. You'll get it soon enough

Anonymous said...

Just like what "Anonymous" said, you'll be a famous blogger for sure! And no, i do not know where to get shades like these, but i shall let you know when i do! KEEP UP THE BLOGGING!

William Ou said...


Yonie said...

They are cominnnkkkk!!! XO