Friday, June 3, 2011

Student Orientation

So today we had our student orientation at SoFA - talked about SoFA, rules, grades and all that. I was very excited to meet new people (which I did!) and see friends! I only saw Raf, Gabbie, Vince, Patricia, Cai and didn't have the chance to see the others. Also spent the whole 3 hours with my new friend Tin, who I met during our interviews. She's a really cute & nice girl, and I think I will have a great time with her for 4 years in SoFA.





Check out Raf's shorts! We have the same which I posted in my previous previous post.




Top - Thrifted, Pants & Belt - Forever21, Bag - Longchamp, Heels - Zara

I am so excited to start my 1st term and at the same time nervous! This is going to be a crazy crazy ride in the fashion & business world. Bring it on! ;)