Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House Arrest

I feel like such an anti-social these days. Not to mention the amount of sleep I get everyday, cancellation of schedules for other less important things and so on. I've been not emotionally stable and won't talk much further about that.

However I managed to slowly pull myself together and try to act a bit happier. I finally decided to get my eyebrows fixed today, dressed up a little bit and cooked something fattening. Anyway, what I wore today is nothing really special, just your ordinary "pambahay" or is it "pangbahay"?


Such a comfortable outfit, can just move around and all that. The top was too long so I decided to tie a knot in front of it




(Tank top - Forever21, Top - Thrifted, Floral shorts - Thrifted, Sunglasses - Forever21)

It's kind of good to see that I look a bit happy in these pictures. Maybe it's the Spam.