Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Trip to Le Bronx

Hola amigas & amigos, I just came from the so called "Bronx" a.k.a Divisoria! Surprised that I went there? Well its because I had to buy materials that I need for my sewing and pattern class. There you will see most of all the things you need at reasonable prices compared to the ones in the malls. I actually had fun buying my materials because I could actually imagine myself learning how to sew, make patterns and then make my own clothes. I'm very excited already!

I would like to thank my sister, Ali, for the time, effort and patience for tagging along with me there.

AND I also brought extra money to buy other things which are - accessories! And I tell you again, it's so cheap there!

I rather not share the prices here because some online shops might get pissed me at me by shooing customers away. I will let you explore divisoria by yourself to know.

It was a fun experience because I haven't been there for years, maybe the last time I went there when I was 5 or 6? I just didn't like the smell of rotten vegetables, fruits and etc. And the muddy road and all that. So I suggest you to wear pants, rubber shoes/sneakers/slippers and a simple shirt.

And also I ask you to vote my classmate and of course schoolmate, Pristine De Guzman, as she is going to Berlin this July (I think) to compete to be the best international finalist for Triumph.

photo source: Triumph

She is representing not only our school but the Philippines as well. Show your support by voting for her by clicking this LINK and you might also win awesome prizes by voting.